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Shenyang Huixing Biotech Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech and growth-type enterprise with concentrating R&D, manufacture and sales of “New Type Micro-Ecological Products” , which is a leading enterprise of the probiotics application area in China.

Mr. Taixing Cui , who is the GM of Huixing and the leader of R&D Central Team, is the first one to creatively put forward “Traditional gynecology uses antibiotics to kill both beneficial and harmful bacteria together during this treatment of vaginal inflammation which is contrary to the natural rules, causing a severe ecological disaster of human body medical treatment” and put forward the innovative guiding ideology and research direction about ecological disaster must be solved by ecological method,

launches feasible probiotics products to solve gynecological ecological disaster, becomes the focus of the industry attention.

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  • Strongly recommended products by the Chinese women's and children's health conference
  • Appointed purchase brand by Chinese Ming You Women's and children's supplies
  • Top ten leading figures in the Chinese women's and children's health industry
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The Empty City Theory

It reveals the root reason of recurrent female inflammation caused by the abuse of using antibiotics such as Chinese medicine and western medicine.


Mr. Taixing Cui , who innovatively put up with the gynecological theory of “The empty city theory”

Declare war on superbug! Chinese scientists pioneer the concept of "biological sterilization".

What would it look like when all organisms develop to antibiotic resistance?

Antibiotics abuse into crisis, the superbug cause medical problems.


  • 18/11/12

    HMRPRO Gynecology Probiotics For ODM

    Shenyang Huixing Biotech Co., Ltd. is a functional probiotics manufacturer from China. We do R&D, raw materials, production and packing together.

  • 18/11/12

    Gynecological Health And Probiotics

    The vagina contains a series of microbes, and lactobacillus is the most common and related microbe in healthy women.

  • 18/11/10

    2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Time!

    2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is recorded in New York, USA. The official broadcast is 10 o'clock on 2rd December (US time).

  • 18/11/09

    Welcome You To Be Our Exclusive Agent!

    Luckily, we are cooperating several customers who want to be our products agents worldwide and making agreement with them. Thank you so much for you trust. Welcome fellows to be our partners from the whole world.

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