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Five Common Diseases In Women
- Jul 15, 2018 -

Recently, cervicitis has been found to be the most common medical condition among women. In some hospitals, 40 to 50 percent of women have pelvic inflammation. Breast cancer, ovarian cancer and mental health problems are also harming women's health. Vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammation Modern women have to endure the "siege" of various diseases while facing the double pressure from life and work, and call on female friends to pay attention to and protect their health.


Self - administered drugs tend to aggravate the disease

Vaginitis is one of the most common gynecological inflammation in women. In the gynecology outpatient department, the proportion of vaginitis patients accounts for about one fifth.

Nowadays, many women's vaginitis is caused by excessive "attention". As modern women generally have a strong sense of self-care, they are more dependent on a variety of vaginal washes. Little imagine, this lotion can destroy the balance of women's vagina, killing one of self-purification self-cleaning effect of lactobacillus, causing candida albicans (mold), staphylococcus aureus, mycoplasma pathogens such as "to order". Women are also more likely to develop vaginitis due to multiple sex partners, misuse of antibiotics and diabetes.

Experts warn that both strong acid and strong alkali washes can damage the balance of the vagina. In addition to clean oneself good, the female had better use clear water to wash vulva everyday, before sex, period should pay more attention to vulva wash. In addition, many women get vaginitis, go to the pharmacy to buy medicine. However, the disease returned after several days and the drugs that had been effective "failed". Doctors point out that if patients with vaginitis use incomplete, irregular drugs, resulting in incomplete drug resistance and disease treatment, vaginitis are prone to relapse. In addition, some vaginitis is the need for both husband and wife to use drugs and vulva cleaning. After suffering from vaginitis, it is better to supplement the vagina with beneficial bacteria, restore the balance of female vagina microecological flora, restore vagina self-cleaning function, and enhance vagina immunity.

Breast cancer

Breast self-examination is difficult to detect disease

At present, breast cancer has risen to the second highest incidence of malignant tumors in women. Early diagnosis of breast cancer can not only reduce the risk of death of breast cancer, but also effectively reduce the cost of treatment, and also reduce the possibility of female breast removal.

For the mammary gland self-examination that is recommended extensively to the female in recent years, the expert is not approbated however. There is no evidence that clinical tests, including breast self-examination, can reduce breast cancer mortality.

Experts suggest that the early detection technology of breast cancer suitable for Chinese women should be mammography plus total breast ultrasonography. The female friend of suggestion 35 years old above should insist regular mammary gland special examination, every one to a year and a half check, especially those who breast cancer comes on the high risk crowd to should pay more attention to adequately. In addition, want to understand the symptom of early breast cancer, it is nipple discharge; Second, the durable nipple skin erosion. Once the above symptoms are found, experts recommend immediate treatment in a specialist hospital.

Cervical erosion

It doesn't cause cervical cancer

Cervical erosion was once suspected to cause cervical cancer, but now medical research has ruled out a direct link. In fact, most cervical erosion is pseudo erosive, is caused by mucosal migration.

Cervical cancer is also one of the highest risk cancers for women. The cervical smear examination is one of the effective means of screening for cervical cancer, suggested that women do once a year after the age of 35 cervical smears, if three consecutive years is no problem, can extend the time of inspection, each check once a year and a half to two years.

Experts also pointed out that the current is betting some patients to smell cancer color psychology, some small hospital clinics even claimed that can use the interferon (uct) to treat cerical cancer, the therapeutic effect is not big, actually suggested that patients and to the general hospital or specialized subject hospital for treatment.

Pelvic inflammatory disease

Improper treatment can lead to infertility

Pelvic inflammation includes endometrium inflammation, ovary inflammation, fallopian tube inflammation and other inflammation. Pelvic inflammation is usually the first acute attack, when the disease is easy to diagnose, with the use of antipyretic Chinese medicine or antibiotics can solve the problem. However, if the treatment is not timely and the disease is not taken seriously, acute pelvic inflammation may be transformed into chronic inflammation, namely pelvic inflammatory sequelae. At this stage, the disease is difficult to cure and can recur, possibly leading to tubal adhesion, infertility or ectopic pregnancy.

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