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Note For Women During Pregnancy
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Birth is a lifetime event for women, many women in the age of childbearing germinated the idea of birth. According to experts, if you want to give birth to a good, healthy baby, you should be careful every day to give birth to a big, healthy baby. Be prepared before you get pregnant. In particular, if you want to get pregnant, you need to prepare a year in advance. So, what are women's pregnancy precautions?

Don't get pregnant in hot or cold weather

The early stages of pregnancy are the initial stages of fetal cerebral cortex formation. Severe heat, severe pregnancy reaction, poor appetite, decreased protein and various nutritional intakes, and large body consumption will affect the development of fetal brain. In addition, severe cold season pregnant women are more indoor activities, less fresh air, exposure to respiratory virus increased, easy to catch a cold and damage the fetus.

Don't smoke or drink

The damage caused by alcohol to reproductive cells does not disappear with the expulsion of alcohol metabolites. Only the removal of damaged reproductive cells can avoid the formation of fetal malformation. Eggs are susceptible to alcohol during maturation and division. It takes about 14 days for an egg to mature from a primary egg to a mature egg. According to the maturation time of the egg cell, if a woman drinks more alcohol, it is better to get pregnant one month after stopping drinking.

Don't get pregnant when you're depressed

Emotions are linked to health and affect sperm quality. At the same time, adverse emotional stimulation can affect maternal hormone secretion, make the fetus disturbed, restlessness and affect growth and development, even miscarriage. Therefore, when the spirit is not happy can temporarily avoid pregnancy, when the spirit is happy to be pregnant.

Don't get pregnant on your honeymoon

Before and after the marriage, both men and women are tired and sent to work for the wedding and for the etiquette of social intercourse. They are overloaded with physical energy, which reduces the quality of sperm and eggs. The frequent sex life during the newly-married honeymoon will also affect the environment in which sperm and eggs are imbedded in the uterus and reduce the quality of conception, which is not conducive to eugenics.

Don't get pregnant while traveling

During the journey, people often have irregular daily life, eating disorder, hunger and satiety change, uneven nutrition, lack of sleep, so that the cerebral cortex is always in an excited state. Combined with excessive fatigue and travel bumps, it can affect the length of pregnancy, ovulation or uterine contractions, and can easily lead to miscarriage or threatened abortion.


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