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Probiotics Actually Protect Against Radiation
- Aug 06, 2018 -

We all know that radiation causes all kinds of damage to the body, and the degree of damage varies according to the dose. Low dose radiation can cause injury to hematopoietic vessels such as bone marrow (bone marrow necrosis), moderate dose radiation can cause damage to digestive tract (intestinal necrosis), high dose radiation can cause damage to the central nervous system (brain necrosis). Today, we're going to talk to you about intestinal probiotics that block radiation.

The body's response to radiation that can cause osteonecrosis and brain necrosis varies greatly depending on the state of the gut flora. Aseptic animals have been proved to be long-lived animals, but they usually have bacteria in their intestines, so when exposed to radiation, the intestinal mucosa will be damaged. This leads to a weakened immune system, allowing potentially pathogenic bacteria to enter the bloodstream from the intestine through the mucosa and reproduce in the blood, eventually leading to sepsis and death.

There are also examples of animals that carry bacteria and live longer than those that are sterile. Experiments have shown that mice with only a certain type of clostridium difficile, bifidobacterium, or lactobacillus acidophilus in the gut can live longer than sterile mice when exposed to radiation. The results suggest that some of the bacteria represented by bifidobacterium have some anti-radiation properties.

Mice with both bifidobacteria and metastatic oligosaccharides lived longer than mice with only bifidobacteria, according to another study. The mice were also found to have not only artificial bifidobacteria in their bodies, but also an increase in the amount of bifidobacteria they had before radiation exposure. The phenomenon can also be interpreted as an increase in the number of bifidobacteria that reproduce in the intestine. The phenomenon is also understood to be that bifidobacteria, which breed in the gut, protect against radiation and prevent the bacteria that cause infection from entering the bloodstream.

Radiation is widely used in modern medicine, such as cancer treatment and physical examination, but its side effects are also great. Effective prevention is to keep intestinal bifidobacteria at an advantage.

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