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Questions And Answers On The Knowledge Of HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics
- May 28, 2018 -

When superbacteria appeared, people realized that antibiotics were a double-edged sword, and remembered that in the 700,000 years before mankind invented the first generation of antibiotics in 1928, it was the probiotics of the human body that fought against bacteria, viruses and other microbes. It is by the body's own probiotics to fight disease. Probiotics have been excavated as many as 100 species in humans, especially Lactobacillus. Probiotics have already entered the common people's families, and will become a new generation of special food after milk in the future. In 2001, the painstaking efforts of the craftsmen of two generations of probiotic research in our country focused on the HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics and put Lactobacillus in it. The activity, content and function of the product have been reached to the extreme, which immediately caused the public to buy. Now we have collected the most concerned questions and answers about probiotics to share with you.


1, Do healthy people still need to eat HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics?


Healthy people also need to eat probiotics, because every day we have a certain degree of probiotics, such as environmental pollution, such as environmental pollution, drinking water containing hypochlorite, drinking smoking and food preservatives, working pressure, eating unreasonably, especially edible meat, fish containing antibiotics (in feed containing) all It will destroy the beneficial bacteria in the body. If you can regularly eat HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics, the intestinal flora will be in a balanced state, maintain the young intestinal tract, reduce the disease caused by human aging, and are very beneficial to human health.


2, Drink yoghurt every day, still need to eat HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics?


The key to keeping us healthy is its activity and quantity. Although yogurt is also found, it still needs to be supplemented with probiotics. Because the content of yoghurt is limited and its activity must be kept in cold storage, if storage conditions change, it will affect the activity of probiotics, "dead bacteria" is of no significance to our health. And the number and species of probiotics in yogurt are limited. Therefore, drinking yoghurt does not improve the health of the body, still need to eat daily active, high quantity, Lactobacillus HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics powder.


3, Can I take HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics for long term? Any side effects?


Probiotics can be eaten for a long time without side effects. Because probiotics itself is the beneficial bacteria in the human body, even if excessive will also be expelled from the body, there is no toxic side effects on the human body, you can rest assured to eat. In particular, the HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics, which are rich in Lactobacillus, are the largest, strongest, and most effective probiotics needed for human health, accounting for 95% of the total probiotic population of healthy people, and only long-term consumption of HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics, maintain the highest levels of Lactobacillus, the body can achieve real health and longevity.


4, Why is HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics powder more active?


Lactobacillus accounts for more than 90% of the total number of probiotics, which plays a decisive role in probiotics and directly determines the health and longevity of the human body. The Lactobacillus in the formula of HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics is evolved by the microecological equilibrium theory of  "microbiological balance theory of bacteria control, avoid biological harms to control natural disasters." by Mr. Cui Taixing, chairman of Huixing Group. Natural evolution of Lactobacillus has stronger combat power, inhibition of gastrointestinal harmful bacteria, viruses, play a more powerful role of Lactobacillus.


5, What physical response will have after eating HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics?


The most obvious reaction is that the defecation is normal , the stool is shaped , and the feeling of defecation is not clear. The improvement of the intestinal flora gradually restores the balance, the skin and the disease can be gradually restored. For example, people with serious imbalance of intestinal flora can react with the body during the operation of the harmful bacteria in the body, so as to continue to eat probiotics, and the symptoms quickly disappear. The main response after eating HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics is in three aspects: first, the significant increase in immunity (less or less illness, less medicine or no medicine), and second, the improvement of intestinal flora (eliminating constipation, diarrhea, etc.) Acute and chronic gastroenteritis; third is to promote digestion and absorption (eliminate poor taste of anorexia, dyspepsia, improve malnutrition)


6, How long do you see the effect of eating HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics ?


Because of individual health and the health problems that need to be improved, probiotics take effect at different times, and many health problems are changed step by step. Usually, for mild constipation, diarrhea, the HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics powder can significantly improve within 1 to 3 days. For allergic rhinitis, asthma and other allergic diseases, supplementation of HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics powder can be gradually eliminated within 1 ~ 2 months. If you continue to add HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics powder 2 ~ 3 months later, you will find that your stomach is very healthy, not constipation or diarrhea; adult skin do not know In the sense of becoming more and more delicate , the color of the stain becomes more and more shallow , the adult chicken pox is less and less , and even has disappeared ; the body weight can be reduced to a different extent; Physical strength and energy also increase. If you insist on taking it , you can clearly feel HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics bring all the great changes to you.


7, Does HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics powder need to be refrigerated?


No refrigeration is required. Because HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics powder uses Japanese freeze-dried storage technology, as long as this product is kept in a cool and dry place, the activity of HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics can be ensured.


8, Can you take other health food while eating HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics powder?


Yes, probiotics are originally a member of the human gut. Taking health food and taking HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics can not only reduce gastrointestinal discomfort, but also better absorb nutrients. Calcium is the most suitable supplement with HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics powder, which can help probiotics to adhere to the surface of intestinal mucosa, but also inhibit the adhesion of harmful bacteria. Many people supplement calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E and other supplements, or eat other supplements. The absorption rate of these nutrients, such as trace elements, vitamins and proteins, can be significantly increased if they are used in conjunction with HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics.


9, How to eat HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics to get the best effect?


Adults take a bag ofHUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics powder every morning and evening after meals, which can ensure the continuous entry of probiotics in the gastrointestinal tract to continuously fight harmful bacteria and protect our health. If you need a quick start, you can increase the amount of food at once, such as severe constipation, a one-time consumption of 3 to 5 bags of HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics powder will soon see the obvious effect. However, it should be noted that probiotics are afraid of high temperature and may lead to loss of activity at temperatures above 40 ℃. Please take warm water or adjust it with supplementary food. It is better to eat directly.


10, Does HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics have dependent? After taking HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics for long term, will it reduce some of the gut's own functions or gradually return to the state before eating when stop taking HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics?


Probiotics are the normal flora in the gut. After eating HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics, the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract can be placed in a high level of balance, especially the content of Lactobacillus in the healthy human body is higher than 90%, which has more than 100 kinds of effects on the human body. It is not a dependent food. When you stop eating, you get a balance at a new level, but if you get sick, you take antibiotics, you change your lifestyle, you eat too much. In order to change the health of the body.


11, How many HUIXING Digestive Support Probiotics powder are needed to eat for a course of treatment?


Because probiotics is not a drug, so do not have fixed course of treatment, depend on the health condition of each person and decide, need to eat continuously 2 ~ 3 months commonly, if constitution is poor, need appropriate long time In addition, the Lactobacillus in the healthy human body accounts for 95% of the total probiotic bacteria, Lactobacillus is more good to the human body (because the total number of bacteria in the body is basically unchanged, the more Lactobacillus, the less harmful bacteria, so can continue to eat.

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