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The Trigger For Your Happiness - Gynecological Inflammation
- Jul 16, 2018 -

China has the third highest divorce rate in the world, but two-thirds of the reasons are caused by women's gynecological diseases. Problem of our country each year about 1.2 million children and disabled children born but also in increasing year by year, this is disease of department of gynaecology has a direct relationship with my mother, didn't regulate good body have children still dare mess? Every year, a variety of malignant gynecological diseases lead to the death of 200,000 to 300,000 women, among which breast cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer are the leading female killers.

Ladies are female common diseases and frequent diseases, but because many people should be disease of department of gynaecology is a lack of understanding, together with all kinds of bad habits and customs, etc., that cause some women to illness, and cured, normal life, work to bring huge inconvenience.

The cause of gynecological diseases -- four big garbage

1, metabolic wastes, endometrial fall off, endometrial 28 days also called dead skin off a part, will accompany menstrual eduction body outside, most adsorption without external force is unable to discharge in vitro

2, menstrual endometrial residual 28 days off a uterine wall broken capillaries to produce menstruation, we usually drink cup is smooth, the water is clear, when we drink the water cup body and the bottom of the cup will remain some water; What's more, our female friends womb is hairy, menstrual blood is sticky, menstrual every to a residue in the uterine wall, the next time menstruation can only take a little but new residues in the uterine wall again

3. Amniotic fluid and loathsome dew of child-bearing. Amniotic fluid refers to the excretion of urine after the fetus has been formed in the mother for 6 months. Can you imagine how dirty and poisonous the urine is? Lochia is female friends after pregnancy fetal block is unable to discharge in vitro menstruation, after 10 months in the body of residual form lochia, for expanding the womb the creases and fossae after giving birth, everyone had the experience of blowing balloons, so small balloon after our infinite inflating put back again, it will be returned to the original smooth appearance gives rise to a lot of creases and fossae, the womb of our female friends is the same truth, that is why many mother color of skin dark heavy, yellow after giving birth, grow all kinds of spot.

Sex junk

When our female friends reach the age of marriage, they will have sex. The number of men who have sex once is 100 million to 200 million.

If the ovulating female friend's eggs and effective collision will generate a fertilized egg, to form the embryo implantation to the uterine cavity, a male friend of sperm is to have vitality, is the longest shortest time for 48 hours less than an hour, it is in the process of free if died in a fallopian tube that is one of the causes of tubal blockage, tubal blocked can cause infertility. Toilet flush it every day can have dirt, pipe flow have moss everyday, brush teeth every day will have teeth, so you can imagine you with decades of vagina, uterus have you cleaned? Do you think your uterus needs washing?

The harm of delaying treatment of gynecological diseases:

1. Induce the smooth entry of female infertility sperm, obstruct the normal passage of sperm, egg or fertilized egg. Some gynecological lesions can also affect normal ovulation, resulting in female infertility.

2, the influence of department of gynaecology of husband and wife life itching, pain, infertility, such as to cause patient anxiety, irritability, depression and other bad mood, secondary pain, sexual apathy, disgust, led directly to the husband and wife sex life disharmony, influence couples sex life quality.

3. The clinical data of inducing cancer and endangering health show that many gynecological malignant tumors are caused by the persistent transformation of gynecological diseases. Among them, the gynecological diseases with high risk of malignant transformation include cervical erosion, uterine fibroids, endometrial hyperplasia, etc., which seriously harm women's health.

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