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Types And Symptoms Of Vaginitis
- Jul 09, 2018 -

Vaginitis has always been the most common gynecological disease, because its incidence is too large, all women are not surprised. However, vaginitis can be more than one oh, only to understand the various symptoms of vaginitis, in the first time to know the disease. Now let's learn about the symptoms of various vaginitis together!

Fungal vaginitis

Notable features: the increase of white belt is like bean curd residue

Symptoms: vulva pruritus, vulva and vagina burning pain, leucorrhea increased like bean curd residue, sometimes accompanied by urinary frequency, urinary frequency, pain, sexual pain. During gynecological examination, white films were attached to the inner side of the little labia and the vaginal mucosa, and the red and swollen mucosa surface was exposed after wiping away. In the acute stage, damaged erosive surface or superficial ulcer were seen.

Harm: not easy radical cure, easy to repeat, cause premature birth, fetal infection deformity and so on.

2. Non-specific vaginitis

Notable features: increased vaginal secretion, purulent, serous, smelly

Symptoms: the vagina has the feeling of falling down, scorching, accompanied by pelvic discomfort and systemic fatigue. Vaginal secretion is increased, showing purulent, serous sex, have fetid odor. Because secretion stimulates the urethral opening, it can cause frequent, urgent and painful urine.

Harm: causes the vagina adhesion, the vagina abscess or the intrauterine abscess, easily causes the pelvic inflammation, the fetal membrane early break and the chorionic amnitis and so on.

Bacterial vaginitis

Notable features: white band with white foam

Symptoms: increased leucorrhea, gray-white, thin, foamy. Vaginal mucous congestion, scattered bleeding spots, vulva itching and burning pain, vaginal stench.

Harm: induce genital infection, pelvic inflammation, peritoneal nephritis, sexual pain and so on.

Senile vaginitis

Notable features: pruritus vulva, purulent leucorrhea

Symptoms: leucorrhoea grow in quantity, the color yellow, in water, serious when a purulent, smells, can sometimes have a hemorrhagic, or bleeding, with a bit vulva itching or burning under the belly belly, spread to the urethra, a frequency, urgency, urine pain, etc.

Harm: causes vaginal adhesion, vaginal sepsis or uterine cavity sepsis.

Trichomonas vaginitis

Notable features: purulent leucorrhea, foamy

Symptoms: leucorrhea increased, milky white or yellow, sometimes purulent leucorrhea, often foamy, smelly, severe patients have bloody leucorrhea, pain, frequency of urine, hematuria.

Harm: trichomonas urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis can be complicated, because trichomonas can devour sperm, can cause infertility, affect sexual life and so on.

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