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What, 30 Is Called Menopause? What Is Early Menopause?
- Jul 26, 2018 -


What, 30 is called menopause? What is early menopause?

Under normal circumstances, women should enter menopause around the age of 55, and menopause symptoms usually occur between 2 and 3 years before and after menopause. But now some women in their 40s are also experiencing menopause symptoms. Some young women are less than 45 years old, often appear psychological fidgety, body hot flushes, menses and so on disorder phenomenon, especially the white-collar female with more pressure, this kind of phenomenon is more common.

What is the reason for early menopause?

The reason is a disease not cure, bring about the occurrence of menopause and ovarian function to have close connection, alleged ovarian function is premature ageing, it is the female to drain egg cell too early actually. The occurrence rate of ovarian function is between 1% and 3.8%, in the crowd that produces ovarian function premature aging, there are more than 70% of people is the change that begins to appear menstruation first, be like quantity is little, interval time is long wait, only a few people are not to come menstruation suddenly.

The expert suggests: once appear ovarian function is unusual, secrete sex hormone rhythm and quantity change, can produce menstruation not only disorder, constitution drops, still can cause a series of problems such as endometrial cancer, if appear menstruation irregular, menstruation cycle is lengthened, menses quantity reduces wait for a symptom, should see a doctor in time, prevent a disease not to come.

What, 30 is called menopause? What is early menopause?

The second reason is that life pressure is too great and psychological imbalance affects endocrine menopause syndrome, which is not only related to the rate of ovarian function decline, but also related to social, spiritual and psychological factors. Life pressure and competition in the workplace have led to more and more young women experiencing menopause symptoms early.

Expert proposal: the burden of life respect and pressure is one of inducement that cause menopause to advance, accordingly, on the prevention and control of the female menopause ahead of time, want to pay attention to life to adjust not only, still strengthen the adjustment of spirit and psychology respect.

What, 30 is called menopause? What is early menopause?


Reason 3 excessive weight loss, cause premature aging new clinical relevant investigation shows, excessive weight loss of women who love beauty, easy to lead to early menopause. Clinical investigation shows, the female that is keen to reduce weight at ordinary times, lack necessary nutrient inside the body, viscera is accelerated, bring about menopause to advance eventually.

Expert proposal: the female that love beauty is unfavorable and excessive reduce weight for beauty, on food achieves balanced and reasonable, have a destination to choose a few poultry meat, beef and mutton to wait, cooperate vegetable cook to eat, in order to have the effect of invigorating kidney essence, invigorating spleen and nourishing blood. You can eat more soy products, such as soy beans, soy milk, or soy isoflavones. Isoflavones can prevent female menopause syndrome, regulate menstruation and delay skin aging.

What, 30 is called menopause? What is early menopause?


In addition, the use of traditional Chinese medicine, honey food therapy and other methods. Experts recommend tiancheng honey (sold by tao bao), which can gradually alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness. It is natural and has no additives, no side effects and can be taken for a long time!

[other causes of early menopause]

1. Repeated invasive surgery such as artificial abortion.

2. Mumps is one of the reasons for the high incidence of mumps. Nearly half of the female patients with advanced menopause have had mumps.

3. Depressed personality, not optimistic and irritable at ordinary times.

4. Bad environment, long-term inhalation of second-hand smoke, and long-term decoration pollution. (in people who smoke, ovarian function declines about two years earlier.)

5. Travel frequently and the environment changes a lot.


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