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Why Is Vaginitis Not Cured For A Long Time? Why Does Vaginitis Always Relapse?
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Vaginitis is a relatively common disease of department of gynaecology of a disease, in women's bodies have a big impact, during the illness is very miserable, and in view of the vaginitis treatment repeatedly see effect is to let the women with psychological haggard, vaginitis this what is the cause of gynecological disease cannot be cured, find some related information to share with everybody.

If not because of ovarian function and cause of vaginitis in drug therapy under the guidance of doctors generally treatable, and some local and even the whole body after a long time after drug treatment, and still have no obvious improvement, lead to one, even if this treatment to cure, and relapse again after a short time. The reasons may include:

1, irregular treatment, treatment is not enough, insufficient dosage, failed to stop drug, uncertain recovery, periodic review of not completely kill pathogens, remaining pathogens in local can continue to breed, the symptoms can't lead to break out repeatedly, cannot heal.

2 for mixed infection, inflammation and cause, cannot be detected by a pathogen drug alone the mixed infection of pathogens, may result in serious imbalance, vagina flora resistant strains to produce, difficult to treat.

3. Some vaginitis can be infected through sexual intercourse, direct or indirect contact. For example, trichomonas vaginitis and mycotic vaginitis, if the man is infected, he can transmit the infection to the woman through sexual intercourse. Therefore, his spouse or sexual partner should also be treated synchronously.

4. Patients who have been treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics or hormones for a long time are likely to suffer from decreased body resistance and imbalance of bacteria, making vaginitis difficult to be cured.

5. During treatment, the vagina should be kept clean, the vulva should be washed frequently, underwear should be changed frequently, and sexual intercourse should be avoided. Underwear and towels should be boiled and disinfected and exposed to the sun.

6. There are other diseases. Of uncured chronic fungal vaginitis should be alert to the possibility of diabetes, because of the high blood sugar, increased levels of sugar in the vagina also, through the role of lactic acid bacteria, the acidity of the vagina, suitable for fungal reproductive growth. If diabetes is not controlled, fungal vaginitis is difficult to control.

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