Solving Foot Diseases Problems Probiotics Products

Solving Foot Diseases Problems Probiotics Products

ingredient:Active Freeze-Drying probiotics and lactobacillus
main function:inhibiting foot fungi, solving foot diseases problems, caring foot
Apply to: foot eczema, athlete’s foot

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At present, probiotics is commonly used in biological engineering, industry and agriculture, food and drug health products, etc., it does great job when taking care of humans body.

It is skin probiotics. Especially for foot care. The probiotics product can solve foot diseases problems, such as foot eczema, athlete’s foot.

This kind of foot care probiotics is different from other product. ZU JE NING is probiotics powder. It can supply the foot with good bacteria to inhibit foot fungi.

Regulate the repeated disturbance of flora caused by pathogens such as fungi(mold) and bacteria, regulate the repeated disturbance of flora caused by adoption of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine for sterilization. It has obvious effect on bacteriostasis and antipruritic.

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