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Shenyang Huixing Biotech Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech and growth-type enterprise with concentrating R&D, manufacture and sales of “New Type Micro-Ecological Products” , which is a leading enterprise of the probiotics application area in China.

Mr. Taixing Cui , who is the GM of Huixing and the leader of R&D Central Team, is the first one to creatively put forward “Traditional gynecology uses antibiotics to kill both beneficial and harmful bacteria together during this treatment of vaginal inflammation which is contrary to the natural rules, causing a severe ecological disaster of human body medical treatment” and put forward the innovative guiding ideology and research direction about ecological disaster must be solved by ecological method,

launches feasible probiotics products to solve gynecological ecological disaster, becomes the focus of the industry attention.

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  • Strongly recommended products by the Chinese women's and children's health conference
  • Appointed purchase brand by Chinese Ming You Women's and children's supplies
  • Top ten leading figures in the Chinese women's and children's health industry
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The Empty City Theory

It reveals the root reason of recurrent female inflammation caused by the abuse of using antibiotics such as Chinese medicine and western medicine.


Mr. Taixing Cui , who innovatively put up with the gynecological theory of “The empty city theory”

Declare war on superbug! Chinese scientists pioneer the concept of "biological sterilization".

What would it look like when all organisms develop to antibiotic resistance?

Antibiotics abuse into crisis, the superbug cause medical problems.


  • 19/01/09

    Huixing Welcome Pakistan Partner Visiting Com...

    Huixing recently is preparing the reception meeting for our dear Pakistan Partner. We feel honor to do the reception work for every customer and partner of Huixing Company.

  • 19/01/02


    Happy New Year is called for party of New Year that is coming to individuals so they may take pleasure in the approaching year thankfully. Folks have fun and revel in the last day that the year thankfully and be ready for the following year. Folks pray that the coming year will bring a lot of joy and joy in their life. People do celebrations and pleasure in their house or in lots of hotels.

  • 19/01/02

    HMRPRO Welcomes 2019 And Celebrates The New Y...

    Dear customers, how was your three-day holiday? Since Dec. 30th 2018 to Jan. 1st 2019 is the legal statutory holiday in China. Have you achieved the goals you set for yourself in 2018? What did you regret about 2018?

  • 18/12/29

    HMRPRO Company New Year Holiday Notification

    Since Dec. 30th 2018 to Jan. 1st 2019 is the legal statutory holiday in China. During the holiday, we are going to stop the free samples delivery service temporarily until Jan. 2nd 2019. But we have 24 hours customer service for customers. Hope that all of our dear customers Happy New Year 2019!

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