Hand Smooth Nourish Moisturizing Probiotics

Hand Smooth Nourish Moisturizing Probiotics

E-JUN HAND CARE Brand Name: HUIMEIREN E-JUN HAND CARE Effective Components: Active Freeze-Drying Probiotics and Lactobacillus Effective Content: Total Amount of Active Lactobacillus (cfu/g) ≥10^6 Categories of Controlled and killed Microorganisms: This Product has Inhibiting Effect for...

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hand mask take advantage of  bacteria to enhance the balance of micro-ecosystem, the E-jun biological hand mask supplies many probiotics to the skin of your hand

Why choose Huimeiren?

Advantage of product

Japan biological technology is introduced,the product is nature and safe, soft and will not provoke your skin


Advantage of function

Choose high quality probiotics  of  original ecology, which is very powerful.


Advantage of  brand

17 years of history, high rated by people.

Advantage of technology

International advanced “freezing to keep power “  technology applied ,high percentage of survival


Advantage of probiotics

First class of probiotics,have special effect on healthy


Advantage of manufacturing

100-thousand-grade Cleaning Room

What’s the beneficial of probiotics to our body ?

1.Promotes metabolism and the absorb of nutrition

2.Prevents intestinal tract from happening

3. Delays aging.

4.Reduces cholesterol

5.Degrade cholesterol.

6.Enforce people’s immunity , prevents and cure anaphylaxis  disease

7.Prevent cancer.


Question: Will this product cause addiction?

Answer: No,it won’t,our product is microbial ecology material,no additive ,no drugs, no antibiotics,no hormone,all it contains are just probiotics needed by skin,there is no side effects and addiction. 

Question:What’s the principle of the product’s effect that making hand smooth and watery

Answer: Special  probiotics+“freezing to keep power “  technology applied,the powder transfer to milk state when being smeared, pure nature,safety and gentle, the formular of small molecules make it able to reach deeply in the skin,recovery young air, spreads women’ charming, gentle and no side effects.

Question:Why the  hand skin is red after using it?

Answer: Positive probiotics fight with negative germ,this will happen deeply in the skin, so it may cause some provoke to the skin when you may feeling hot, and your skin on your hand may looks red,this is depended on different person,we recommend you keep using it,the symptom will fade and disappear, this is normal, please don’t worry.


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