Skin Smooth Nourish Beauty Products Probiotics

Skin Smooth Nourish Beauty Products Probiotics

E-JUN HAND CARE HUIMEIREN PROBIOTICS FOR BACTERIAL FLORAL BALANCE Technology from Japan Hot Sale Methods of Application: --- After Cleaning Hands, Take Out the Glove and the Small Purple Pack out. --- After Opening up the Small Purple Pack, Take out this Product with Adding 3ml Warm Water to Mix...

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Hand mask take advantage of  bacteria to enhance the balance of micro-ecosystem, the E-jun biological hand mask supplies many probiotics to the skin of your hand

How to use it/instructions for using it

1. Before using it, wash your hands and dry it,take out gloves and purple bag from Aluminum foil bag.

2. Open the purple bag,take some product out and blend  it with 3ml water until it become pasty.

3. Smear it on hand evenly, put on the gloves if needed,use rubber band ensure the hand mask 100% touch your hand.

4. Take off  the gloves and wash your hand after 30-40 minutes.

Why the doctors recommend probiotics?

Our healthy is quite depended on the proportion of the probiotics.  When the flora, host and environment are in dynamic balance, the host is in good state. So when the skin on your hand is dry, rough,dark or peeling, this means it’s time for you to supply probiotics to your skin to ensure the proportion of the probiotics is enough, turn the skin back to the healthy state it used to be.

Why we must adopt probiotics after using antibiotics?

Antibiotics is not so smart as human being ,it will kill both germs and microorganism, so we need supply probiotics to our body on time to reconstruct the microbial ecology defence of our body.Problems including  Dry and rough,Skin calluses,cheiroschisis,more than 90% of them is related to”unbalance of microorganism,so supplying probiotics to our body is very important,E-jun ecological hand mask turn your hand back to as tender and white as it used to be.


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