Probiotics for Pregnant Women Health

Probiotics for Pregnant Women Health

EASIBABE SHAN YU JUN Active freeze-drying probiotic bacteriostatic tablet Instruction Product name: EASIBABE SHAN YU JUN Active freeze-drying probiotic bacteriostatic tablet Adverse Reaction : Undiscovered Dosage Form : Tablet Specification : 0.65g/tabIet, 36 tablets/box Storage : product in a...

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EASIBABE is designed especially for pregnant (pre-pregnant) women.

Why do I have to use probiotics after using antibiotics?

We all know that antibiotics are bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, but antibiotics kill both harmful and beneficial bacteria. With the loss of probiotics, the body's immune system will be reduced, so that harmful bacteria can easily invade the body and cause more serious infections. Therefore, after the use of antibiotics, we must promptly add probiotics to restore the body's immune system in order to prevent the further invasion of harmful bacteria.

Why choose Huimei Ren?

Huimeiren has been focusing on probiotic products and using advanced Japanese freeze-drying technology to preserve probiotics at room temperature. In terms of probiotics, Huimeiren is an expert.

What are the benefits of probiotics to human health?

1. Probiotics can enhance the body's immunity and effectively resist the invasion of harmful bacteria.

2. Harmful bacteria can help maintain the normal function of the human body system.

3. Probiotics can produce some inhibitory metabolites and inhibit the growth of tumors.


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