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Huimeiren Overseas Market Business Policy

Currently we are looking for distributors worldwide, because the local people are more familiar with the local market in their own countries. And our distributors can find out the exact potential customers.

Distributors can purchase goods with low price from us, then they can sell in their countries to their customers with higher prices. Our products can be sold in variety of places.

For offline sales, currently our products are being sold as the following methods:

1, For gynecological probiotics: Our products are suitable for selling in hospital and Gynaecological hospital, clinic and pharmacy.

2, For oral care probiotics: Our products are suitable for selling in hospital, dental clinic, pharmacy and supermarket.

3, For digestive support probiotics: Our products are suitable for selling in hospital, clinic, pharmacy and supermarket.

You can also depend on the actual situation in your own country to design the sales plan which is suitable for you.

For online sales, distributors can sell our products on the online store among their countries or worldwide. It depends on the actual situations.

We also have some distributors which we are doing OEM for them. After doing OEM with us, the distributors find out many agents to help them to sell products on the social software which is very popular among people, such as WeChat which is very popular in China and can get very good results.

For the above sales methods are depends on our parts of sales plan in China, and we are getting good results and hot sales amounts.

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