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Φ,It originated in the golden section of ancient Greece.

According to legend, more than 2,000 years ago, the third mathematics of ancient Athens-Greek school ,Ordoxas is the first one who proposed the golden section, and the German astronomer Johannes Kepler called the golden split into a holy division. Because of its strict proportionality, artistry and harmony, it contains rich scientific values-all in all, just perfect. Therefore, there are extensive and important applications in construction, literature & art, industrial and agricultural production and scientific experiment areas.

While our ecology-balance theory is the perfect expression of golden section “beneficial bacteria against harmful bacterial, natural enemy fights, recover body health”, therefore, the sigh “φ”also becomes the origin of huimeiren brand.

Φ for enterprise: arouse the correct theory at the best moment, perfect on time.

Φ for employees: Huimeiren glades to meet you, perfect on fate.

Φ for products: beneficial and harmful bacteria coexisting, perfect on the ratio

Core Value


Always keep fully energy to meet new tasks and challenges.


Actions speak louder than words, always strive for high efficiency and high quality.


Trying new methods and practices , encourage breaking the routine and optimizing.


Consistently and efficiently complete the work tasks, provides proactive services beyond customer expectations;


For the cooperation matters, completed with high quality and efficiency,    the overall interest is the core of the company ;


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