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Empty city theory

A healthy state

A healthy vagina contains more than 90% of the beneficial bacteria, we call this the gold standard of vaginal health - Ⅰ cleanliness, PH3.5--4.5 is a weak acidic environment.

The state of vaginitis.

The immunity is decreased, the beneficial bacteria fell below 50%, bacteria, fungi, virus and other harmful pathogens invade the vagina, causing vaginal inflammations ,the feelings of itching, peculiar smell, burning pain, leucorrhea anomalies appears.

“Empty city” state

The traditional gynecology use antibiotics to anti-inflammatory and sterilization, beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria will be killed at the same time, female genital tract lost the protection from beneficial bacteria.Traditional gynaecology cure standard is by killing pathogens to eliminate symptoms such as itching, bad breath, pain,etc..People thought that inflammations are healed, but it is just the beginning of disaster.

Ascending infection state

After the traditional gynecological treatment of antibiotic sterilization, there are no beneficial bacteria in the vagina and no harmful bacteria as well, like an open door, harmful bacteria will invade body from the vaginal opening, urethral mouth and anus, causing the vagina, uterus and ovaries a wreaking havoc, set off more serious vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, endometritis, annex inflammation, tubal phlogistic, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer, breast cancer and other ecological disaster of gynaecology system.

Gynaecologic disease is recurrent.

Inflammation of the department of gynaecology, after sterilization and inflammation, beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria all be killed, inflammation disappeared, we thought it has been cured. When we stop using sterilization products, harmful bacteria back, inflammation relapse, itching, peculiar smell, burning pain back again, Once we use vaginal medication again, the vagina has no beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria, without beneficial bacteria, harmful bacteria will enter the vagina again, after repeatedly using antibiotics, the vaginal immunity drop to zero, Inflammation of gynecology enters the state of vicious circle.

After the filling of E jun, the vagina is in a healthy state.

By adding a lot of beneficial bacteria, harmful bacteria is going nowhere, when good bacteria accounted for over 90% of the total number of bacteria. Those uncomfortable feels such as itchy symptoms, peculiar smell, burning pain will disappear, vagina will return to an optimal healthy state.


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