Prevent Bacterial Vaginosis Probiotics

Prevent Bacterial Vaginosis Probiotics

Ingredient:Shan Yu Jun
Main function:Daily vaginal clean, remove odor,eliminate itching.
Apply to:Vaginal itching,burning,odor,and discharge. Recurrence of vaginal infection

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Product Details

1°Care is daily vaginal cleaning probiotics capsules, applies to women’s private body parts for daily cleaning and nursing, make the PH value of women’s private body parts always appear weak-acid condition to improve vagina autoimmunity. Contributes to maintaining a natural and beneficial vaginal flora. Take care of female vagina health. We will provide comprehensive protection for your reproductive system.


Main changes after using probiotics vaginal capsules:

Step 1:  Generally, suggest to use it before sleeping, secretions will be discharge with vaginal capsule powder together next day . Usually you will feeling burning on the vulva, dont worry. this is normal phenomenon.

Step 2:  Probiotics colonization in the genitals system, thick secretions and bacteria adsorbed with the probiotics powder were discharged continuously. It absorb lots of toxins from vagina, vaginal itching, pain, drying and other gynecological symptoms were relieved. Leucorrhea was reduced and the odor disappeared.

Step 3:  Ovarian androgen secretion of hormones return to normal levels, balance the endocrine and micro ecological flora.



Q: As daily care, will I get dependence on this product ?

A: You won’t, this product is by supplying the vagina directly with a lot of Shan Yu Jun, quickly restore the balance of vaginal microbial flora, building a beneficial bacteria membrane for your vagina and reaching the gold standard of female vaginal health, 1 degree cleanness.


Q:How long will one box last ?

A:One box can last for 9-10 days.

At the beginning, we suggest continuous using it in a treatment period. After using 3-4 boxes, we call this a treatment period. Around 30 days. (paying 3 boxes, we delivery 4 boxes, with 1 box free). Vaginitis is obstinate, it often catch the tide creating troubles as long as we ignored it. Therefore, we still suggest to use the product as daily care for a while after the bad symptom finally disappear.(no itching, no odor, normal leucorrhea). Please dont stop using it without the entirely recovery.

Q: Is this product for long-term use?

A: Yes, it is. This product is for daily care, long-term use. Mainly on solving people reproductive organ discomfort problems which caused by bacteria. Such as pruritus, odor, vagina pain which causing by bacteria. It can also inhibited and improve slightly inflammation. In general, this products functions are using as daily care, deep cleaning, vaginal nursing and it helps to prevent vaginitis.


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