Oral Care Fresh Breath Probiotics

Oral Care Fresh Breath Probiotics

JECANG ACTIVE FREEZE-DRYING PROBIOTICS TABLET FOR ORAL CAVITY City Smog Fine Particles Sand Weather Long-term Smoker Product Name: JECANG ACTIVE FREEZE-DRYING PROBIOTICS TABLET FOR ORAL CAVITY Brand Name: JECANG Effective Components: Active Freeze-Drying Probiotics and Lactobacillus Type and...

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Product Details

JECANG is oral cavity probiotics tablet for oral care and freshing breath.It is used in

It contains 8 tablets, a bag of fingerstalls and a piece of instruction


①Put this product into the oral cavity where you are feeling discomfort.

②Grind 0.5g of this product and mix it with 4.0ml purified water,apply it directly to the discomfort place. 

Why doctors recommended probiotics?

Probiotics is necessary for our health.It balances the bacteria flora.Normal microflora can help us maintain the balance of internal and external environment, improve human immunity and prevent the occurrence of various diseases.

Matters Need your Attention.

The effect will be reduced when using with antibacterial product.They shall not be used simultaneously.If need,you can use separately in different time.

Why do you have to use probiotics after using antibiotics?

The antibiotics regardless beneficial bacteria or harmful bacteria,it kills them  together.So after using antibiotics,the beneficial bacteria decrease,our bodies are in an unhealthy state,we need to supplement the probiotics in time.

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