Probiotics for Throat Dry and Discomfort

Probiotics for Throat Dry and Discomfort

Active ingredients: Active freeze-frying probiotics.
Main functions: Clean breath,Supplement oral probiotics,Eliminate oral inflammation,achieve oral cavity.
Apply to: Bad breath,Mouth ulcer,pharynx and larynx discomfort,sore throat.

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what is Probiotics Kings?

Probiotics Kings are active probiotic freeze-dried tablets. They can supplement oral probiotics, refresh the breath, relieve oral inflammation, remove pharynx and larynx discomfort and sore throat, enhance oral immunity.

Why do I have to use probiotics after using antibiotics?

Antibiotics not only kill harmful bacteria but also kill beneficial bacteria, The decrease of beneficial bacteria makes the body's immunity drop, and it is more susceptible to harmful bacteria invading the human body. Therefore, after using antibiotics, we must add probiotics to enhance human immunity.

Why choose Huimei Ren?

Huimeiren has been focusing on probiotic products and using advanced Japanese freeze-drying technology to preserve probiotics at room temperature. In terms of probiotics, Huimeiren is an expert.

What are the benefits of probiotics to human health?

1. Probiotics helps the body resist the invasion of harmful bacteria and reduce the chance of illness.

2. Probiotics can also helps the body's various systems operate more efficiently.

3. Supplementing probiotics can enhances human immunity


1. Will Probiotics king works on bad breath?

Bad breath is a common phenomenon, there are many reasons for it, there is inflammation of the mouth, unclean mouth, stay up all night, smoking and drinking. Probiotics King can supplement oral probiotics, restore oral cleansing. It has a good effect on the case of bad breath and achieve oral cavity .


2. Will Probiotics king treat sore throat?

Probiotics Kings supplements the probiotics which already exist in the mouth to combat harmful bacteria, It has a good effect on the case of pharynx and larynx discomfort and sore throat.

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