Facial Acne Scar Moving Probiotics

Facial Acne Scar Moving Probiotics

Effective component:Shan Yu Jun freeze-drying active factor of live lactobacillus.
Main function:Balance facial micro flora, enhance skin’s immunity.
Application:Facial acne, pimple, skin infection

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Product Details

JFL skin is a skin probiotics product for facial bacteria flora imbalance, supplement plenty of beneficial bacteria to regulate the PH value and to enhance skin’s immunity.

JFL Skin is suitable for pharmacy, beauty center and personal care.

JFL Skin contains 10 piece of tube probiotics powder

Cleaning Face, a tube of JFL Powder mixed with 4ml Clean Water into paste, Smear it on facial Uncomfortable parts, once a day. Approximately 20mins for every using time with covering plastic wrap for isolating the oxygen to get the best using effect.

It is harmful by frequently using of antibiotics. The difference between probiotics and antibiotics is that probiotics is microorganism which benefit to our body, using nature way to against bacteria, it is safer and more accord with ecology.

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