Probiotics for Acne Scar Removing

Probiotics for Acne Scar Removing

Effective component:Shan Yu Jun freeze-drying active factor of live lactobacillus.
Main function:Balance facial micro flora, enhance skin’s immunity.
Application:Facial acne, pimple, skin infection

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Product Details

JFL skin is a skin probiotics product for facial bacteria flora imbalance, supplement plenty of beneficial bacteria to regulate the PH value and to enhance skin’s immunity.

Do not use antibiotics with this product at same time.

Slightly burning feeling is normal Phenomenons, it will disappear in 1-2 hours

In case of losing probiotics active, please don’t keep the residue for next time use.

Shenyang Huimeiren biological products company was founded in 2001,

it is a new high technology enterprise that integrates R&D, production and sales of micro probiotics. Since the company inception, it is aiming at sustainable development of human health. Huimeiren has its own research team in America and Japan, it has been in this filed doing research for 17 years.


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