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Shen Yang Hui Mei Ren Biological Products Co.,Ltd is the leader of the new type

micro-ecology biologicals who insists in creating human sustainable and healthy development. Hui Mei Ren was established in 2001, inherited several decades biotechnology culture and history, was specially invited to attend the Chinese Women's and children's health conference as a key bio-pharmaceutical enterprise for five years in a row, was loved by thousands of consumers. In 2011, the E Jun·Gynecology Self-healing was sold exclusively by our company, was the highly recommended product in the Chinese Women's and children's health conference, and was accepted and recognized by various big hospitals.

Hui Mei Ren owns more than 600 agents for covering over 30 provinces, cities and

autonomous regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, etc. And

formed a nationwide coverage selling network, was deeply loved by consumers,

continuously got excellent sales performance.

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