Gynecology Probiotics for ODM

Gynecology Probiotics for ODM

SPECIFICATION OF SPECIFICATION OF ACTIVE FREEZE-DRYING PROBIOTICS: By directly adding a large amount of beneficial bacteria to the vagina, regulates the vaginal bacterial balance, builds the beneficial bacterial coating as a protective barrier, restores vaginal self-cleaning function,...

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The traditional gynecology is still in the "sterilization and anti-inflammatory" stage. It only pays attention to eliminating symptoms, eliminating pathogens, eliminating signs, but neglecting "recovering the balance of female vaginal microecological flora.

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Our product is Disinfection Product Number.It is different from National Medicine Permission Number product.It can not only be sold in private hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, beauty salons and other offline channels,but also can be sold online, such as ebay, Amazon, AliExpress, etc.

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