Gynecology Probiotics for OEM

Gynecology Probiotics for OEM

Knowledge for Women’s Health: For regular gynecological examination, most of doctors determine gynecological inflammation with depending on vaginal discharge cleanliness (contents of beneficial and harmful bacteria). √I°Vaginal Cleanliness (Health: Beneficial Bacteria≥90% ) II°Vaginal...

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E-Jun Probiotics by supplementing the vagina with plenty of good bacteria to solve the recurrent gynecological diseases caused by the use of sterilizing and anti-inflammatory products that make the vagina become an “empty city” state.It adopts the international advanced limit freeze-drying storing energy technology, and concentrates a large number of beneficial bacteria (lactobacillus) which is necessary for women's reproductive health in each capsule.The activity can be stored at room temperature for more than 2 years.

F-JUN PROBIOTICS supplements a large amount of good bacteria to the vagina, regulates the balance of vaginal micro-flora, establishes a protective barrier against harmful bacteria, restores vaginal self-cleansing function, and meets the gold standard of women's vaginal health - I degree cleanliness. Safer, quicker.

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