Lactobacillus for Vagina Bacterial Balance

Lactobacillus for Vagina Bacterial Balance

SPECIFICATION OF ACTIVE FREEZE-DRYING PROBIOTICS: By directly adding a large amount of beneficial bacteria to the vagina, regulates the vaginal bacterial balance, builds the beneficial bacterial coating as a protective barrier, restores vaginal self-cleaning function, efficiently improves...

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Product Details

What is probiotics? 

Probiotics is a kind of active microorganism which is beneficial to the host.It is a general term for the active and beneficial microorganism that can produce the exact health effect and improve the micro-ecological balance of the host and play a beneficial role in the human intestinal tract and reproductive system.

What is E-Jun Probiotics?

This product is a micro-ecological preparation, no addition, no drug ingredients, no antibiotics, hormones.Its main component is Shan Yujun active freeze-drying factor lactobacillus, is the vaginal required probiotics, no side effects and dependence, pregnant women can use. Contains 8 capsules and a bag of fingerstalls.

When you have to see a doctor?

1. If your symptoms can‘t be alleviated or even get worse after use, or in the event of an unrelated or unexpected reaction to the efficacy of this product, please stop using it immediately and consult doctor.

2. Symptoms of allergies appear or symptoms of itching and irritation do not slow down after 7 is recommended to consult a doctor for treatment   

Customer Feedback

Ms.Yan: Yes , the excreta decreased,  it is essential in my life, I will insist using E-JUN. It is very helpful to prevent vaginitis.

Ms.Zhang: I worried of using medicine during pregnancy, one of my friend recommend this probiotics product, i feel safer and i love it.


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