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Innovation Quality

According to the company's overall development strategy, the company faces the domestic and international market development as well as the pharmaceutical industry frontier technology demand around the field of biological products to develop new varieties and new technology development and industrialization. Through optimization,integration and reasonable layout of the scientific research resources , established Huimeiren Institute of Pharmacology .Through resource integration and scientific and technological innovation, to create a high-tech core competitiveness ,and strive to promote huimei ren into a public and international enterprise.

Enterprise innovation can be divided into product innovation and technological innovation. Product innovation refers to the innovation on the basis of product technology change. Enterprises develop new products, technological innovation also called process innovation, which refers to technological innovation on the basis of technological change of production (service) process. It includes new processes, new equipment and new management and organization methods. Technological innovation and product innovation are all aimed at improving the social and economic benefits of enterprises, but the route is different and the way is different. Product innovation focuses on the results of activities, while technological innovation focuses on the process of activities.

The achievements of product innovation are mainly reflected on the physical form of the product, and technology innovation achievements can be permeated not only in laborers, labor data and labor object, but also  in the combination of various factors of productivity. The producers of product innovation are mainly to provide the new products for the users, and the producers of technological innovation are also the users of innovation.

The models of product innovation are two.The first one innovation and the imitation innovation.First one innovation means that enterprises rely on their own efforts to achieve mastery of core technologies and can be the first to enter the market. Imitation innovation means that the enterprises by imitating other enterprises’innovation models, learn experience from their successes and failures,or introducing relevant core technologies. A lot of product innovation in contemporary China is imitation innovation. Zhou Guangzhao, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,pointed out: "Our research results are not small, but they are rarely first thought of or first breakthrough in the international community. "

Six different types of innovative products:

(1) New products. Such products are the first kind of products of similar products in the market and have opened up new markets. This product accounts for 10% of the total number of products.

(2) New product line. These products are not new to consumers, but new to some manufacturers, about 20% of new products fall into this category.

(3) Supplement of product variety. These new products are part of a series of products that the factory already has. They may be new products for the market. These products are the most of new product types, accounting for 26% of the new products.

(4) Improvement of old products. These relatively new products are essentially substitutes for old factory products. They have improved performance over the old products, offering more intrinsic value, and the new improved products account for 26% of the new products.

(5) Repositioned products. Suitable for the application of old products in new fields, including repositioning in a new market, or applying to a different field. Such products account for 7% of new products.

(6) Cost reduction products. It's a little reluctant to call these products new. They are designed to replace old products, which have not changed in terms of performance and utility, but reduced costs, which account for 11% of new products.



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