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Introduction of Mr. Taixing Cui


Mr. Taixing Cui (The founder of “the empty city theory”), general manager of shenyang hui meiren biological products co., Ltd..He is the leader of the R&D team. He was granted as the top ten leading figures in the national maternal and child health industry. Mr. Taixing Cui has been engaged in pharmaceutical industry since he graduated from university. He was a member of the pharmaceutical research (2001 -2003) of Japan BMG CO., LTD. He is a leading expert in the evaluation of safety cytology.

Research and development content : heparin sodium, synthetic bovine yellow, bilirubin, cholic acid, HCG, UEX, SOD, FGF, BMP and other content.

Research and development project:

The development project of regenerative root membrane.

The development project of the time-limit degradable human bone fixation material.

The development project of the time-bound insulin sustained-release microcapsule.

Theoretical introduction

"antibiotic resistance" problem is threating the global stability and national security. It is urgent to realize that the current measures might cause the micro-ecological disaster in the future. Huimei company general manager, the   R&D team leader Mr Cui Taixing, he put forward with "antibiotics as the main bactericidal anti-inflammatory treatments, the beneficial bacteria is also be killed , this is contrary to natural rules, and overuse of antibiotics has sparked a gruesome body health ecological disaster".

He pointed out that "antibiotic resistance" is the inevitable outcome of the human medical ecological disaster.

He pointed out that ecological disaster must be solved by the innovative  ideology to guide the research direction.

He put forward the "empty city" theory for gynecology, to promote a practical  solution of female ecological disaster with a new type of microecological biological agents [SHAN YU JUN the freeze-drying activity factor].

This standpoint puts forward the theory of "human beneficial bacteria membrane natural defense barrier", which makes the company became the focused enterprise of the whole industry.

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