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A Lack Of Vaginal Probiotics Can Lead To Premature Birth And Poor Health, Did You Know?
- Aug 26, 2018 -

The newborn is sterile and will get probiotics from the mother during a clean and healthy birth canal, which can establish intestinal flora balance independently in about 7 days. For cesarean section and premature infants, this simple life has to be carried out for half a year, resulting in poor intestinal mucosal immunity, more susceptible to allergies, and relatively poor resistance.

A Swedish study prove that vaginal bacterial infection is often the decisive factor, of preterm birth and low birth weight in the study by 49 premature pregnant women with 38 cases of full-term ChanYunFu vaginal flora test results comparison, discovered the existence of certain bacteria in the vagina to affect the incidence of preterm birth, at the same time have a certain risk to the fetus. Although preterm births account for only 7 percent of all births, they account for 80 percent of all deaths in babies one month after birth, the researchers noted.

In the past few years, medicine has linked the presence of probiotics in the vagina to the birth of healthy full-term babies, but mothers-to-be have not gained this general recognition.

In modern life, the misuse of antibiotics, environmental pollution, poor eating habits and disease attacks, so that the beneficial bacteria in the human body is largely lost. In addition, probiotics in women's vagina can also be affected by emotions, physiological periods, sexual life, improper washing and nursing, and the absence is more serious. Therefore, it is particularly important to supplement vaginal probiotics consciously, which is not only related to the health of mommy, but also has a significant impact on whether the baby can give birth in full term and the baby's health.

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