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Active Probiotics
- Jun 02, 2018 -


Active probiotics is a kind of microorganism. Due to the different properties and metabolic modes of various microbes, it can be divided into beneficial microorganisms and harmful microbes. Harmful microorganisms oxidize organic substances, resulting in food spoilage and mildew. Apparatus decay, poisoning, this process is the result of pathogenic microorganisms and spoilage bacteria activation and growth.

Microbial active agents are useful and effective microorganisms, which can synthesize antioxidants, inhibit and kill pathogenic microorganisms and spoilage bacteria.

As far as the human body is concerned, it can eliminate oxygen free radicals (free radical, eliminate disease, delay cell senescence, activate T cells, decompose nitroso compounds and other organic carcinogens, inhibit the growth of germs, viruses and cancer cells. Regulate the level of blood lipids.

Although the microbes in nature are "everywhere and always", whether air, rivers, ground, several kilometers deep sea, animals and plants have a large number of microorganisms. Microbial active bacteria is a beneficial and effective microbial community, can synthesize antioxidant substances, can inhibit and kill pathogenic microorganisms and spoilage bacteria.

Basic function

Active probiotics tablets are similar to SOD enzymes in the human body. They can eliminate oxygen free radicals (free radicals, eliminate disease sources, delay cell senescence, activate T cells, break down nitrite compounds and other organic carcinogens). The growth of bacteria, viruses and cancer cells can be inhibited by the principle of beneficial bacteria and bacteriostasis, the level of blood lipid can be regulated, the fat deposition of vascular wall can be reduced, and the natural healing ability can be restored, and the immune function can be enhanced and improved. To miraculously improve or recover from various diseases of the human body. At the same time "active probiotics" microbial secretion such as amino acids, active antibacterial peptides, organic acids, oligosaccharides, various vitamins , antibiotic and antiviral substances, various biochemical enzymes and oxygen (reactive oxygen species reducing to molecular oxygen) can not only directly regulate the function of various organs, but also increase nutrition, thus improving the microecological balance in the body. Active probiotics is not only the survival of various diseases, but also a variety of pollution. Imagine, if every household can use "active probiotics" self-care, not only everyone is healthy, countless microbes will also enter the rivers and lakes through the sewers of the home, that would be a spectacular "clean the earth" scene! Give us more active probiotics in our intestines! Give our planet some health!

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