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Adolescent Girls Easily Provoke Three Types Of Vaginitis
- Aug 09, 2018 -

To female, if suffer from vaginitis, that can be really headache job. And her talons have slowly extended to the adolescent girl.

1, the pubertal phlogistic adolescent female comes to menstruation for the first time when, because of the girl's shyness and to menstruation of ambiguous know, do not know normally or do not pay attention to menstruation sanitation, in flurries, abused the unclean sanitary article paper, cause because be affected by the pollution of the toilet paper of unclean and menstruation cotton plug, germs take an opportunity to invade, cause vaginitis. This kind of menarchal period vaginitis, meeting pudendal have drop and burning feeling, vaginal secretion is increased, show purulent thin thick kind to secrete even. Because vaginal discharge overflow, affected the urethral mouth, can present urinary problems, such as pain.

Tight pants cause vaginitis. Over the years, most young women have sought fashion, fashion and sex appeal in their attire, wearing revealing, curvy polyester briefs, stretch pants and jeans. Because this kind of pants tightens, pack buttock, trousers makings is chemical fiber fabric again airtight, cause vaginal secretion cannot permeable, suit the procreation of bacterium, bring about vaginitis. Especially in hot summer, girls wear polyester triangle underwear or stretch pantyhose, vagina and vulva in the humid and sweaty environment wu long, easy to suffer from this vaginitis. The main characteristic of tight pants sex vaginitis is, leucorrhoea is increased, vagina and huge and fine labial are scratchy, accompany have the effect such as urethral frequency, urgent.

3, anaphylactic vaginitis some adolescent girl seeks trendy vogue, often yan mu is thick makeup, wash bath hind also often some of outside pudenda, asperse a bit perfume, especially summer likes to do so more. Notice, the chemical composition that powdery mildew, perfume contains is very big to affect to vulva and vagina mucous membrane, more bring about allergic reaction and attack vaginitis, vulvitis.

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