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Always Be There For You
- Aug 18, 2018 -

Are your lungs healthy? Nowadays, pulmonary disease has become one of the major dangerous killers of human health. Millions of patients die from various kinds of lung diseases every year in China. Experts warn that early detection is a key factor in the treatment of lung diseases.

Compared with other organs in the body, the lung is the only organ that is directly exposed to the external environment. Smoke of harmful material, car exhaust, smoke pollution, dust raises ash, harmful gas... It goes straight into the lungs without stopping.

1. Smoking is the "natural enemy" of lung function, and it ranks the first place. When a cigarette is ignited and burned out, it can produce more than 4,000 chemicals, among which 69 have been identified as carcinogens.

2. Air pollution. Haze weather is an air pollution state. Haze is a general expression of excessive suspended particulate matter content in the atmosphere. With the deterioration of air quality, haze weather phenomenon appears to increase. In the air pollution environment for a long time, even the strongest lung, can not stand, inevitably will cause lung disease.

Toxic gases. Modern people often changes bridal chamber to decorate, new the circumstance such as furniture establishment, the material that these place use may send out formaldehyde to wait for poisonous gas, cause very big stimulation to human body lung.

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In the face of the harmful gases such as haze, smoke and second-hand smoke in daily life, prevention is the key to ensure the health of the lungs. [minkang] by adding beneficial bacteria to the mouth and respiratory system, it can repair and reinforce the human defense barrier -- beneficial bacteria film. Generally, as long as the human body has a complete beneficial bacteria film, it can better resist the invasion of pathogenic bacteria. In addition, minkang can also enhance the human body's self-cleaning function, and discharge harmful substances out of the body through self-cleaning, such as expectoration. With the company of junkang, no matter the harmful substance that smokes, floating particle in air or poisonous gas, can be isolated from the attack of pathogenic bacteria.

Be with you all the time. Say goodbye to lung disease.

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