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Articles You Must Read Before Supplementing Your Child With Probiotics! Some Probiotics Are Not Good But Bad!
- Sep 26, 2018 -

According to the daily mail, a us study has found that even people who are healthy live on more than 10,000 bacteria and microbes, which can weigh several kilograms. The findings have been published in the journal nature and the journal of the public library of science.

In the U.S. government's human microbiome project, more than 200 scientists from nearly 80 research schools over five years found that almost everyone carried some harmful bacteria and pathogens. But when the body is healthy, these bacteria can coexist with benign bacteria without causing disease.

Each cell in the human body holds 10 bacterial cells, which together account for 1 to 3 percent of the body's weight, says Dr. Eric green of the national human genome institute. This means that a healthy person who weighs 100 pounds has about 3 pounds of bacteria in his body and on his body.

The study also revealed the relationship between different bacteria and disease. If children suddenly develop a fever for no apparent reason, they carry more of a specific bacteria in their nose and blood. If premature babies have stomach problems, the number of bacteria in their feces increases significantly. This research will undoubtedly contribute to better prevention and treatment of diseases.

Good bacteria, known as probiotics, also help the body digest and make vitamins, strengthening the immune system against pathogens.

Probiotics have become something people need to know about in order to stay healthy, but is the probiotics in children normal? Can they be learned by testing? To protect children, reduce and prevent illness? Is more probiotics better?

I've published about probiotics before and you can read about it:

A few months ago, I did a gut microbiome test for michiko, and targeted supplement was made after finding the problem. Later, some mothers bought this project together with me and tested their children or their families. Over the past few days, we have conducted the interpretation and answering of the report of the intestinal flora detection that we have purchased in the WeChat group. I have sorted out some questions that we are concerned about. If it is difficult to climb the building, or the mother who did not hear that day can read the text version.

1. Why should the baby be tested for its intestinal flora?

Intestinal health is the foundation of the physical health of infants and children. The composition of thousands of microorganisms in the intestinal tract determines the intestinal health, and controls 80% of the immune cells and 100% of the nutritional absorption of the body. The intestinal flora of infants aged 0-3 years old is very fragile and unstable, which is easily affected by the mode of birth (natural birth and cesarean section) and the postnatal environment (whether exposed to antibiotics or family probiotics). Around 3 years old, the gut microbiome of the baby is built up to the adult state. During this period, the state of intestinal flora seriously affects the building and development of the digestive system, immune system and nervous system of the baby after the day. The detection of intestinal flora in infants and infants can comprehensively evaluate the intestinal health status of infants through in-depth analysis of the composition of more than 3,000 microbial species from the perspective of microflora with the use of gene detection technology.

2. What's the difference with the hospital's detection of intestinal flora?

Hospital testing focuses on the detection of one or more bacteria in the symptoms of the disease, which is used for clinical diagnosis and adjuvant treatment, and only for ongoing diseases. Microstore is used for hcode microbial gene detection, which can detect the bacteria community of more than 3000+, and it is more accurate and comprehensive. Moreover, scientific analysis and health guidance can be conducted, and early prevention and intervention can be conducted according to the data.

3. When is the most suitable time for baby to have intestinal examination?

If the economy is not a problem, because the stool test is completely non-invasive for the baby, the first test should be carried out one month after the birth of a new baby if conditions are available. The test should be carried out every quarter for the baby of 2-12 months, and the test frequency depends on the intestinal health and economic ability of the baby.

But because genetic testing is expensive after all (it's actually three or four packs of probiotics), parents are advised to test their babies for changes in growth and stool traits that can't be improved by diet. Such as baby under the premise of intake enough growth stagnation or slow (physiological slow doesn't count), such as feeling baby digestion, absorption, there is a problem, baby diarrhea (physiology sex doesn't count) milk or constipation (saving belly doesn't count), bad breath and other symptoms affect the judgment of your family, so prepare for blind children eat some proprietary Chinese medicine (seven stars tea, four grind soup, bezoar from monkeys, pearl powder, etc.) and probiotics can test first. After the test targeted adjustment can be spent less money, and do not cause children.

4. Can the baby be tested for diarrhea?

If the baby has diarrhea, it is recommended to go to the doctor in time. However, through testing, it can be learned whether the treatment causes damage to the baby's fragile intestinal flora and how to restore healthy flora, so as to achieve early detection and early improvement. Therefore, it is recommended to test the baby once a week after stopping the medicine and get a comprehensive understanding of the intestinal flora status.

5. Can I take probiotics without detection? Is it useful to take a strain that isn't targeted?

That's what a lot of moms are doing right now, but we don't recommend it.

Because there is no targeted supplementary effect is certainly twice the effort, that is, money also spent, but do not know the effect.

Targeted supplements are best.

Probiotics are complementary, so our supplementation of less targeted strains may be synergistic, but the replenishment of the least effective is the best.

It's like the difference between a straight line and a curve. The curve might take more money and take longer.

And if the strain is not replenished correctly, there may be a series of side effects such as constipation and diarrhea after eating, and constipation after diarrhea. Therefore, it is reasonable to make clear the composition of intestinal flora and make targeted supplement. And do not lack of do not need to supplement, also play a role to avoid overpaying.

6. What's the difference between probiotics and probiotics? Which baby should fill more appropriate?

Probiotics, which cannot be digested directly by the gut, are a "food source" for the maintenance of probiotics, promoting their growth and reproduction, or an exclusive food for probiotics. Probiotics act directly and select different strains for different causes and conditions. Direct use of beneficial bacteria is recommended for infants as it is more direct and safe. But the specific supplement of that strain, I suggest referring to my test report targeted supplement can be twice as effective.

7. The baby has been feeding carefully all the time. Why does it still have intestinal problems?

Careful feeding does not equate to good feeding. For example, sometimes helping children build a good micro-ecological environment may need a less "clean" environment. Because of this, the baby can be exposed to a variety of microorganisms, and be able to enrich and exercise their microbial composition. In addition, feeding well also needs the baby to have the good absorption ability, baby feeding also needs to be adjusted according to the baby's actual situation. Each child's nutrition absorption is different, so nutrition absorption ability is the key.

Will your baby's intestines change with the seasons? Why is it that babies tend to have bowel problems during the season?

The intestinal flora of infants aged 0-3 years old is a process of starting from scratch, which is very unstable and easily affected by the external environment. The temperature change is relatively large at the end of the season, and the balance of intestinal flora of the baby is prone to problems. In general, the more diversity of the intestinal flora in the baby, the more stable the baby's intestinal tract. We can take a look at the stability of the child's intestinal tract by combining the microecological diversity in our test index "immunity level".

9. Will the presence of intestinal problems during pregnancy affect the intestinal health of the baby? Does a pregnant mother need to do it?

Will be. A mother's gut health can affect her own health, which can lead to nutritional problems, poor immunity, or gestational diabetes, which can directly affect her baby's health.

There are also changes in the gut microecology of pregnant women during pregnancy. This change, if compared with normal bacteria, is in fact a "complex" direction.

As a result, some bowel problems are more likely to occur. But this change can help moms store more nutrients and help their babies grow, so too much intervention is not necessarily a good thing.

It is recommended to have a comprehensive understanding of the stomach and intestines, and the indicators can be used to effectively select doctors' help or start with a healthier diet and choose a more effective and safe way.

10. Why is this kind of test more expensive than ordinary stool test?

The detection of intestinal flora gene is not ordinary routine, but adopts the internationally advanced gene detection technology and clinical level detection environment, as well as the detection research, development and analysis report team, which are all from the top hospitals and academic research institutions abroad. Therefore, both raw materials and technologies can be compared with those of foreign counterparts. Everything is based on cutting-edge and high-end technologies.

11. If the sample is not sent on the day after sampling and the delivery time is added, will the normal temperature or above 36 degrees affect the sample?

Our protective liquid can avoid high temperature and direct sunlight or light at room temperature for up to 30 days after sampling, but the baby's intestinal tract changes greatly during growth and development. In order to ensure more accurate and effective information about the baby's recent intestinal conditions, it is recommended to sample and send out on the same day. Tip: don't say it's shit when you mail it, just seal it and mail it. The test box you receive already contains the return mail with our payment and the address written on it.

12. My test report shows that the baby has harmful bacteria. Do you need antibiotics?

This condition is usually accompanied by a shortage of probiotics. Antibiotics are generally not used, and harmful bacteria can be suppressed if we supplement the good ones. So supplement the probiotics that are lacking according to your report.

13. The baby has been taking probiotics recently, will it affect the test results? What to do?

Is really taking probiotics for intestinal flora of intervention, if the baby to take the test can reflect more probiotics engraftment, have the effect, if you want to be more comprehensive understanding of the validity of taking probiotics, suggest doing the baby before taking a test, taking after a period of time to do it again check, the baby can better monitor the changes of intestinal flora after intervention.

14. What if the sample in the express is missing? Is it a designated Courier company?

In order to ensure the timeliness and safety of the samples, we designated the express company as sf express. If the samples are lost, we can contact the express company for resampling. If the problems are caused by the express company, the users can sample again for free.

15. Does the baby take medicine when sick? How long will it take to stop using antibiotics?

The test reflects the baby's current condition, and can look at the state of the gut in the case of long-term medication. If you take antibiotics only for a short period of time, it is best to test one month after stopping. But babies grow quickly, and parents can follow them for a week or two if they are anxious or want to know.

16. Can the mother detect the baby's intestinal health during pregnancy? What kinds of intestinal interventions can a mother do during pregnancy?

The pregnant mother can not detect the baby's intestinal tract, and the pregnant woman can adjust her own intestinal micro-ecology through a reasonable diet and proper exercise, so as to help the baby. Also, try to make sure you're ready to give birth naturally and breastfeed, which can help your baby's gut build up.

17. Do you want to take your baby's excrement after it is pulled out? If not sampled in time, how long can you keep it? Are there any time limits for sampling, such as better results in the morning?

Don't wait too long. Adult can observe the expression of darling defecate commonly, pull immediately from the defecate that does not touch the part that does not wet to urinate is taken size can. If the long time in do not wet the best to abandon it, waiting for the next defecation.

There is no time limit for sampling. Sampling is available at any time.

18. My report shows that many strains of the baby are lacking, should I add them all?

No, you just need to supplement the large bacteria, just like people are like birds of a feather, as long as the main bacteria can be valued, the intestinal environment will be better and better, and not all strains need to be up to standard.

19. Can the report data of intestinal examination be used as reference for doctors?

It can be used as a reference, but not as a diagnostic report. Our test data is to analyze the composition and diversity of intestinal flora of 3000+ through genetic testing technology, and then compare them through hcode database, so as to evaluate the development degree and risk of intestinal micro-ecology of newborns. Many hospitals have not been contacted and may not be clear about how to refer to the report.

20. What symptoms can baby detect? How often?

In general caesarean birth baby, baby have used antibiotics, separation of mother and baby baby, baby slow and bowel symptoms of weight for height, use the formula of baby likely is flora disorder, if there are some symptoms make parents feel anxiety, economic conditions allow recommends screening. The frequency of the test can be measured quarterly to protect the baby's intestinal health, not missing the child's crucial 1,000 days of development.

21. If there is a lack of probiotics, how to supplement them? Will microshops introduce viable probiotics?

Probiotic selection is a real problem, with lots of water and a wide range of prices. As can be seen: * mi ai contains infection-causing bacteria, * bioprobiotics activity is almost 0! Unqualified probiotics, please spare Chinese children!

Male elder sister also in the factory and intestinal flora detection communication understanding of the current domestic good probiotic brand, they are currently recommended two probiotics manufacturer dupont and Hansen, zhuhai local brands such as tomson times national health male elder sister also in contact with, if thought will introduce appropriate, but complement principle is still short of to fill, not lack of fill, please do not as a daily supplement, but only after testing targeted added.

What's the discount for buying now? I heard there was a luxury handbag gift on nov 11. Is it still there?

The detection of intestinal flora gene is a genetic project, so the price in the hospital system is relatively high, usually around 1500, the price on the official website is 899 yuan, the minimum price of 500 sets of breast milk promoting aixin micro store is 699 yuan, the sale of 500 sets (200 sets have been sold) reply to the national uniform price of 899 yuan. With the arrival of Christmas and New Year's day, we finally successfully applied to buy two sets of coach handbags and one set of portable tableware for baby. Current remaining 300 sets 699 special price, sell out namely restore 899 yuan. Before the purchase of non - delivery enjoy this activity, the delivery is no longer enjoy. Only one copy of the undelivered goods can be returned to the original two copies to avoid omission.

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