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Can Inflammation Of Department Of Gynaecology Affect Menses Amount
- Jul 09, 2018 -
  • Does inflammation of department of gynaecology affect menses amount

  • 1. Does gynecological inflammation affect menstrual volume

  • Inflammation of department of gynaecology can cause menses to increase commonly. Less consideration of menstruation is caused by less estrogen or thinning of the endometrium, preferably b-ultrasonography and hormone examination.

  • Menstrual volume refers to the total loss of blood during a period, usually between 20 and 80 ml, if less than 20 ml, then too little. Some women start from the first menstrual period, the flow of menstrual flow is very small, this situation may be due to the incomplete development of the uterus. If female original period flow is normal, appear at a draught the circumstance that reduces greatly, it is likely to be caused by the factor such as hormone secretion is not normal, have no ovulation sex menstruation.

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  • 2. What symptom does gynecology department inflammation have

  • 2.1 abnormal white belt

  • Colorless transparent adhesive white band, white or grayish-yellow foam white band, curd white band, beancurd residue white band, water white band, white with blood silk or white band increase, decrease, have peculiar smell.

  • 2.2 irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea

  • Abnormal menstrual cycle or bleeding, or abdominal pain and systemic symptoms before and during menstruation.

  • 2.3 pruritus and dampness in private parts

  • Vulva pruritus is located in clitoris, small labia of vulva more, also can affect big labia, perineum even anus week to wait for dermal damage area, scratches can appear for a long time scratch, blood scab or hair folliculitis secondary. Often paroxysmal attack, also can be durative, summer day hot still can damp.

  • 2.4 irregular vaginal bleeding

  • Bleeding may come from the vulva, vagina, cervix and endometrium but is most common in those from the womb. Long-term continuous vaginal bleeding, irregular bleeding after menopause, bleeding after intercourse, bleeding before and after intravenous drip.

  • 2.5. Backache and abdominal pain

  • Pain on one or both sides of the waist, usually radiated to the legs, often accompanied by external or internal injuries. Lower abdomen swelling, pain and lumbosacral pain.

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  • 2.6 frequent urination and hot urethral opening

  • Frequent urination, urination, urination pain, urinary tract stimulation, short and astringent urination frequency, drip, tingling pain, incomplete exhalation, accompanied by hematuria, urine turbidity, difficulty urination, burning and pain.

  • 3. What harm does gynecological inflammation have

  • 3.1 the aggravation of the disease causes cross-infection

  • Gynecological inflammation is not treated timely, which may not only lead to the spread and cross-infection of inflammation in various physiological parts, but also bring many complications, and even lead to malignant lesions in some parts.

  • 3.2. The symptoms are unbearable

  • The female friend that suffers from gynecology department inflammation common leucorrhea is abnormal, vulva SAO itches, lumbar abdomen falls painful wait for a symptom. In particular, vaginal itching in the vulva is often a manifestation of vaginal inflammation, which occurs in patients often fidgety, very painful.

  • 3.3. Declining physical fitness

  • Inflammation of department of gynaecology no treatment can make the body for a long time in the inflammation of environment, on the immune function, metabolism and endocrine system will produce adverse effects, great harm to health.

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