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Can Probiotics Really Help Your Baby Digest?
- Sep 27, 2018 -

Parents can give their babies probiotics to increase their resistance to anorexia, overeating, diarrhea, constipation, allergic diseases, and even infirmity. Is probiotics really a cure-all, disease-free elixir?

Extra bacteria: do kids really need them?

Probiotics are living microbial preparations that give a certain amount of probiotics a beneficial effect on human health. They are mainly applicable to two situations:

▶ long-term use of antibiotics

Antibiotics kill the pathogenic bacteria and their concomitant probiotics, and probiotics need to be replenished to rebuild the body's microecological barriers.

▶ diarrhea

The loss of large amounts of probiotics leads to disease and imbalance of intestinal flora. Probiotics supplementation can re-establish the balance of intestinal flora and maintain intestinal health.

Tips for probiotics

Probiotics are not health drugs, or supplements, and abuse has side effects. There is no need for extra probiotics for a normal developing baby. Even if the baby needs to take probiotics, it should be noted that:

Application probiotics should be used in the short term under medical guidance, not in the long term.

Note the number of bacteria and live bacteria in probiotics preparations.

Misuse of probiotics 3 major consequences

Long term application of becoming a probiotic

Lifetime health will be maintained by the use of synthetic oral probiotics.

Excessive use can lead to superbug

Human body infection may be no medicine can be treated, affecting the metabolic function of sugars and fats as well as immune dysfunction.

Patients with sepsis may be caused by misuse

Use is not recommended for people with immunodeficiency, immunodeficiency or extreme weakness.

Children make their own bacteria 5 ways

To stimulate more probiotics in your baby's body, mom should do this:

The best way to feed is through breastfeeding

Breast-feeding can pass the normal bacteria to the child, the infant who cannot breastfeed is best to choose the formula rich in oligosaccharides, so that the child can establish the normal intestinal flora as soon as possible.

Increase your food intake by focusing on foods high in dietary fiber

If contain bran more, wheat flour, coarse grain, potato kind, beans, vegetable and vegetable seedling, fruit, konjac, seaweed wait for plant sex food.

Recommend antibiotics correctly

If you can use a narrow spectrum, you don't use a broad spectrum. If you can use the lower, you don't use the higher; If you can solve a problem in one way, you don't have to solve in two ways; If no specific pathogen can be used, sensitive narrow-spectrum antibiotics should be used once the pathogen is identified. Combination therapy is not recommended for mild and moderate infections. Once you need to use antibiotics, use enough dose, use enough course of treatment, do not stop the drug.

Reduce unnecessary medical tests

Radiation tests and treatments, for example, can also wreak havoc on the balance of intestinal flora.

Pay attention to personal hygiene

Eliminate all possible links that cause pathogenic bacteria to invade.

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