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Cervical Cancer Is A Nuisance, But We Can Hide
- Jul 16, 2018 -

The incidence of cervical cancer in China is high and the problem is very serious. , cervical cancer is the world's women's second biggest cancer killer, the incidence of cervical cancer in China is six times that of the developed countries, and the trend of younger, about 15 new cervical cancer cases every year in our country, about a third of the global patient, nearly 80000 women die, Chinese women cervical cancer destroyed badly tens of thousands of women's health, affect the family a happy life in China.

The occurrence of cervical cancer is a process of continuous development from the quantitative to qualitative changes from precancerous lesions to cervical cancer around a few years, even more than ten years, because it is difficult to found that there was no obvious symptoms of early cervical cancer, so the inspection and prevention is very important to the body, for cervical cancer we not to be taunted, but still can prevent, we'd hide up ah.

Cervical cancer is caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) nipple, but only the HPV virus came ashore and engraftment in cervix can cause cervical cancer, so we should do is to keep the portal, to cut off the source of infection.

The female reproductive system is the special environment of microbial flora balance, which is full of good bacteria cut off the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, but the vaginal opening is an open place, and in the anus, a large number of pathogenic bacteria is easy to invade the reproductive system, if there is the figure of HPV in pathogenic bacteria and upward to the cervix, is extremely easy to dock engraftment in cervix, cervical cancer.

Huimei kernel product is a good healing fungus 】 【 probiotics probiotics, through directly to vaginal bacteria, guarantee of the female reproductive system microbial flora balance, improve immunity, vaginal restore vaginal self-cleaning function, resist the invasion of pathogenic bacteria. Guard the door, say goodbye to the cervical erosion, facing the cervical erosion we can not stir up, but we can hide.

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