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Cervical Erosion Also Does Not Prevent Careful Cancer
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Cervical erosion is not an independent disease, but a manifestation of chronic cervicitis, caused by HPV infection. The cause of the disease is mechanical stimulation or injury, such as sexual life, miscarriage and parturition laceration, and bacterial invasion causing cervicitis. Pathogen invasion causes cervicitis.

Cervical erosion happens, often appear leucorrhea increase, thick, white or light yellow purulent secretion, cervical erosion is not really erosion, however, compared with normal smooth the cervical erosion is a spurious. The pseudo erosion that women often ignore the maintenance of the treatment of disease and guide, there are three kinds of cervical erosion performance: the beginning of the inflammation, erosion surface is covered by columnar epithelium, smooth surface, this is a simple erosion; Later, the erosion surface became concave and uneven, and particles appeared on the surface, which was granular erosion. After erosion, the phenomenon of uneven surface is more obvious, the appearance of mastoid process on the surface, which is mastoid erosion.

It is because female cervical erosion is mild when the lack of prevention and treatment, until cervical erosion reaches moderate, severe cervical erosion, will cause infertility; Also can cause uplink causes endometritis, chronic pelvic inflammation; It can cause deeper lesions and deeper diseases such as polyps, laceration, pronation and cyst.

Women with cervical erosion, however, the incidence of cervical cancer nearly 10 times higher than the general population, under the stimulus of long-term chronic inflammation, cervical hyperplasia of columnar epithelium can happen atypical hyperplasia, if not timely and correct treatment, will gradually to develop in the direction of cervical cancer lesion before, because of cervical erosion is often complicated by HPV infection, it is one of the suspected signal causes cervical cancer, this development process generally takes 5 to 10 years.

It is urgent to prevent cervical erosion in time. The female reproductive system is the microbial flora balance of environment, play a dominant do with probiotics protects women privates, but as a result of the vagina is an open state, it is easy to suffer from the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, can cause pathogenic bacteria invade the female reproductive system, cause the female reproductive system of microbial flora imbalance, is the lack of the protection of beneficial bacteria, pathogenic bacteria by invading, the more good bacteria 】 【 products can be added directly to the female vagina probiotic bacteria, quickly recover the microbial flora of female reproductive system, improve immunity, vaginal hold portal, cut off the source of infection, say goodbye to the disease.

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