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China's Own Original Strains Arouse Concern
- May 27, 2018 -

Many academicians discuss probiotics beneficial to intestinal health.


New Beijing News ( Reporter Yuqing ) on May 13 , a three - day meeting of the Chinese intestinal assembly in 2018 . The Chinese Academy of Engineering , Fan Dai - ming , Gao Fu academician of China Center for Disease Control , Academician of Central Academy of Sciences , Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences , Dusko Wlich , and other famous experts at home and abroad gather together to discuss the topic of beneficial intestinal health of probiotics .


The healthy state of the intestine directly determines the health level of the human body. In the industrialization of probiotics, the probiotic products in Europe and America have monopolized the Chinese market for a long time. In this forum, the probiotics scientist and director of the key laboratory of dairy biotechnology and engineering of the Ministry of Education, Zhang Heping, published a report on probiotics realizing its function through intestinal flora structure and metabolism. Let China's own original species of bacteria cause attention from all walks of life.


According to Zhang Heping, with the deepening of the basic research on intestinal microbiology, the research on probiotics in China has also made achievements. As early as 2008, the Chinese scientific research team independently completed the research of the whole genome of Lactobacillus casei (Zhang), a Chinese original strain of Lactobacillus casei, which indicates that the study of probiotic lactic acid bacteria in China has entered the genome era. March 31 this year, the investment of 200 million yuan in the Chinese intestinal microbiological system research project officially launched. Today, the largest resource bank of lactic acid bacteria in Asia is 7060) built in China. In practical production and application, with independent intellectual property rights "Chinese bacteria" and other Chinese enterprises have been fully industrialized and applied in the fields of food industry, health care, animal husbandry and farming.

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