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China’s Top Probiotic Supplement Manufacturer —HUIMEIREN To Participate In The 17th
- Sep 18, 2018 -



Being invited by the organizer, HUIMEIREN overseas sales department is to participate in The 17th WESTERN CHINA INTERNATION FAIR, where an estimated number of 60 thousand visitors and around 9 thousand exhibitors are going to join.

According to data collected from past exhibitions, rapidly increasing visitor are seeking business related to probiotic product among which probiotics for how to improve immunity and how to improve digestibility, sachets probiotic, probiotic powder, lactic acid bacteria powder, probiotic Beverages, feminine probiotic, feminine hygiene products, probiotics for treating vaginal discharge, vaginal tightening capsule, feminine vaginal shrink are most concerned, wholesale Safety health care, health and medical products containing probiotics capsules, nutraceuticals, food supplements, and herbal medicines.

While being interviewed by a reporter from the organizer, the representative of HUIMEIREN’s team—Fiona Fan(WeChat:fiwfiona) introduced the leading probiotic supplement manufacturer’s work for the exhibition to us: “We have prepared 5 probiotic products for this exhibition covering digestive health daily probiotic, vaginal tightening capsule, probiotics for the control of obesity, daily probiotic dietary Supplement, all of these products are available for probiotic OEM, and for people’s concentration on “W hat is the pH level of feminine wash? ”, “How to treat gynecological and reproductive Disorders”, “Adult probiotic supplement for vaginal discomfort?”, these products will perfectly assistant them with their issue!”

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