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Christmas Is Here! Take Stock Of The Different Christmas Customs In Some Countries
- Dec 25, 2018 -

Eat Christmas dinner till dawn, prepare snacks for Santa Claus, exchange books at Christmas...Take a look at the different Christmas customs around the world.

America: cookies and milk for Santa Claus

In America, families like to prepare presents for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

Most churches also hold candlelight ceremonies or midnight mass, often recreating the birth of Jesus.

Canada: open presents on Christmas Eve

In Canada, families usually open presents on Christmas Eve after mass. Others just open one and leave the rest for Christmas.

Many French canadians celebrate Christmas Eve mass with a big feast, called the "night sacrifice," which lasts until the early hours of Christmas.

Russia: fast on Christmas Eve

Fasting usually lasts until the end of vespers or when the stars come out. After fasting, some people may eat a traditional Russian dish called kutya. Kutya consists of grains, honey and poppy seeds from the same bowl, symbolizing unity.Meat is not allowed.

China: send "peace fruit"

Christmas apples wrapped in cellophane are a popular holiday gift in China, which is said to be because the word "apple" sounds similar to "Christmas Eve" in Mandarin.



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