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Correct Vaginal Cleaning Method!
- Jul 14, 2018 -

The survey found that every woman had at least one or two gynecological inflammation in her lifetime. But the number of women living in big cities today is far greater. The cause of various gynecological inflammation is bacteria.

If do not pay attention to personal hygiene at ordinary times, the clean method of private place is incorrect or not in place, it is the reason that causes all sorts of gynecological inflammation. However, in order to prevent various gynecological diseases, some women choose the nursing lotion with sterilization, and stick to it every day. But in the end, I found that even though I pay attention, I still often "deal with" inflammation such as vaginitis and cervicitis.

So, what specific principles and methods should women pay attention to in sexual health? In fact, under normal circumstances as little as possible with vaginal cleaning fluid, also do not carry out vaginal cleaning, otherwise it will bring trouble. And the best way to clean the vulva is to flush it directly with water.

Cleaning times: 1-2 times a day.

Cleaning method: with warm water shower is the best way, if there is no shower condition with the basin wash, must be special basin.

Wash order: hands is one of the main media of spreading germs, so should wash hands before washing privates, then wash the vulva, formerly backward wash again big, the labia minora, finally wash the anus and around the anus.

Cleaning fluid product use: the use of cleaning fluid, use can decontamination health jie Yin sterilization supplies, had better follow the doctor's advice, don't let the noise of acid alkali cleaning fluid misuse, damage the ecological environment of the vagina.

Can vaginal flushing clear vaginal odor?

Vaginal flushing doesn't really remove vaginal odors. Some women in foreign countries when washing the addition of "deodorant", also can not play the role of odor elimination. In fact, many women say vaginal odor is the natural scent of the vagina, for this kind of natural vaginal odor, people should not hate it, because the smell is a sign of health normal women.

If the vagina does produce a non-physiological odor, it may be a sign of inflammation. It is not enough to be washed by the vagina at this time.

Don't wash down with soap!

The defence function of women's genitals with natural, this natural defense mechanism is mainly refers to the alien with a large amount of lactobacillus in the vagina of female, they can make vaginal epithelial cells glycogen to lactic acid, keeping the vagina acid environment, make the other pathogenic bacteria can grow. Normal adult women under the action of estrogen, vaginal secretion of the fluid is acidic, which makes the female vulva environment acidic.

This acidic environment is a natural barrier to the body's self-protection, preventing the invasion of bacteria and greatly reducing the chances of women suffering from diseases such as urethritis and vaginitis. Whatever the reason, the acid environment inside the vagina is destroyed, all kinds of pathogenic bacteria will take advantage of it, and then all kinds of gynecological infections will be hard to avoid.

The most common reason for this natural defense mechanism and the destruction of the vaginal environment is the improper cleaning method, that is, the alkaline soap foam brought into the vagina during cleaning. If this situation happens occasionally, affects is not big, but if often can cause the vagina the environment change, lead to pathogen invasion and a variety of infections, and therefore the vulva clean of avoid by all means expanded into the vagina, and, of course, more can't use soap water to clean the vagina.

Soap is alkaline, use soap to wash down the body, played a neutralizing role, no doubt greatly weakened the power of this barrier. Little girl can't use soap wash down especially, the little girl's urine neutral or weak acid, due to the immature, lack of estrogen, the little girl's vagina secretion is very few, such as using soap to wash down again, this barrier is vulnerable.

It is also best not to use soap when topical cleaning, because some soap additives can cause local contact dermatitis.

Correct principles for cleaning a girl's vagina:

The little girl's vulva has not yet fully developed, urethral short and outside mouth exposed, vulnerable to pollution, vaginal epithelial resistance is low, once the infection, the bacteria can penetrate, causing urinary tract infection, vaginitis and other diseases.

Proper cleaning of the vulva, if not necessary do not flush the vagina, do not destroy the ecological balance of the vagina, do not let external diseases into the vagina.

2. Prepare your own special cleaning utensils and towels. Clean appliance wants to be cleaned before use, towel is used hind bask in dry or in ventilated place air dry, had better be in the sun insolate, this is helpful for sterilization disinfection. Because towel day long does not see sunlight, easy to breed bacteria.

Three, try get the toilet paper by former backward wipe after defecate net, and the best form the habit of clean with warm water or wash the anus, if do not wipe clean, stains, anus with dung pollution underwear, dung stains embedded some intestinal bacteria will turn into the vagina, cause inflammation.

Fourthly, during the period of regular holidays, it is necessary to change sanitary towels frequently.

Don't use alkaline soap or chemicals such as potassium hyaluronate to avoid changing the normal acidic environment of the vagina.

Key points for maintaining vaginal hygiene:

Don't leave clothes in the public bathroom. Wash vulva and underwear before washing feet; Not changing clothes, especially underwear, with others; Cleaning the genitals basin, towel must be special, with genital washing towel and basin is used to wash feet, towel to boil disinfection regularly, must early treatment of women with brothers tinea, otherwise easy to cause mould sex vaginitis; Try to avoid sitting on the bus too long in summer when you're overdressed. Do not abuse antibiotics and chemical drugs for a long time to irrigate the vagina, in order to prevent the imbalance of bacterial flora caused by mycovaginitis and so on.

How to clean perineum under special circumstances

Key points of vagina cleaning during menstruation:

Women have many problems during their periods, such as using sanitary towels and cleaning their vaginas. Do not wash vagina blindly when cleaning, how to do? Do this the following way:

1. Change sanitary napkins frequently, and choose sanitary napkins with good quality. Wash the vulva with warm water twice a day, we advocate using warm water as cleaning solution, because the water has been sterilized after boiling. Don't take a cold shower or wash in cold water, even in summer.

2. Attention should be paid to the choice of cleaning equipment. Every woman should have a special basin for washing her body, so as to avoid other infections from entering the vagina. If do not have shower condition to wash, should accomplish when using basin bath "a person a basin a towel water".

3. Wash the genitals and feet separately

4. Vulva cleaning and underwear replacement should be carried out every day.

5. There are numerous small wounds in the endometrium during the menstrual period, and the cervical opening is open. When taking a shower, you can only take a bath. In addition, after defecate, want to be wiped backward from the front, lest pollute vagina.

Key points of vaginal cleaning during pregnancy:

1. During pregnancy, white bands increase significantly and are particularly susceptible to infection, so wash with warm water at least twice a day.

2. Underwear should be replaced every day, and immediately cleaned, hanging in the sun to dry.

3. Don't wash your vagina to prevent germs from invading.

4. If the amount of leucorrhea increases significantly and there is a bad smell, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

Key points of postpartum vaginal cleaning:

1. The woman is in postpartum because vagina is damaged, unfavorable wash bath immediately. Under normal circumstances, summer postpartum 3 days above, winter postpartum a week above before washing bath, once a day or two days.

2. Shower with warm water to activate your meridians.

3. Never take a bath, even if it's in a tub.

Vaginal cleaning with trichomonas vaginitis:

1. Wash about 2 times a day.

2. Choose partial acid cleaning solution to prevent the growth of trichomonas.

3. Not only do you need to clean the outer perineum, but you also need to clean the vagina.

Cleaning vagina with mycotic vaginitis key points:

1. Wash about twice a day.

2. Use alkaline cleaning solution to prevent mold growth.

3. Clean both the vulva and vagina simultaneously.

Cervical erosion cleaning vagina key points:

1. Wash once or twice a day.

2. Avoid bath and vaginal flushing within 1 month after treatment with electric ironing.

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