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Do You Know That Probiotics Also Promote Vaginal Health?
- May 22, 2018 -


You know how helpful probiotics are for your digestive health, but do you know that they also benefit your vaginal health?


Vagina has a self-cleaning function. Many lactobacillus in the vagina can fight with harmful bacteria and viruses to maintain healthy vagina. To maintain vaginal pH balance is to rely on these beneficial bacteria which are already present in the vagina. Traditional bactericidal anti-inflammatory drugs and gels do not help maintain the normal pH value of the vagina and bacterial flora balance.


The acidic environment of the vagina is a natural barrier to prevent infection and irritation, since it inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria which prefer a weak acidic environment. This means that as long as our beneficial bacteria count is high and the vaginal pH is acidic, harmful bacteria have a very slim chance of overgrowing, making the chance of infection lower .


If vaginal pH increases, it gets weak acidic, the quality or amount of lactobacillus can fall and other bacteria can multiply. This can result in infections such as BV or thrush, which can cause symptoms including itching, irritation and abnormal discharge. Healthy discharge doesn't have a strong smell or heavy color. You may feel an uncomfortable wetness, but you shouldn't have any itching or burning pain around your vulva.


Probiotics help to stabilize the pH value of vagina, so as to allow the healthy bacteria to thrive in the environment. Everyone's vagina has a unique pH value that's influenced by a bunch of factors, like your diet, menstrual period, cleaning with using vaginal douches, also semen, and so on. So some people need the help from probiotics to get their pH balanced. Imbalances in pH value are why some people are more prone to getting BV and yeast infections. 

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