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Don't Abuse Probiotics! It's Important To Keep These Points In Mind When Giving Your Baby Probiotics
- Oct 09, 2018 -

In the mother world baby "web celebrity" nutrition supplement, probiotics must be out of the top, probiotics by a variety of fancy advertising package like banlangen "inclusive diseases", baby diarrhea, lactose intolerance, constipation, low immunity and other problems probiotics can be solved, probiotics really so many useful? With all kinds of probiotics on the market, how do mothers choose the probiotics for their babies? Let's learn!

Don't abuse probiotics! It's important to keep these points in mind when giving your baby probiotics


What are probiotics

Probiotics are actually bacteria that produce a positive effect on the body when eaten. Probiotics can do competition and the bad of the gut bacteria, if the bad of the gut bacteria, probiotics can supplement are beneficial to the intestinal bacteria, and can exchange and human cells do, can help the immune regulation, can break down the intestinal undigested fiber, can produce the human body needs vitamin, and probiotics help to promote the growth of intestinal beneficial bacteria factor, protect the intestinal health.

We usually eat good strains are many, such as bifidobacterium, lactobacillus, enterococcus, yeast, etc., and enterococcus and not long-term use of them, the world health organization says enterococcus easier with resistance genes, if long-term use for food, to eat the body in the immune suppression, ill need to take medicine with resistant gene transfer, so don't recommend enterococcus is added to the class of probiotics in food. So moms and dads also need to look out for probiotics.

Don't abuse probiotics! It's important to keep these points in mind when giving your baby probiotics

The difference between probiotics and probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial living bacteria that can improve the regulation of the intestinal tract, while probiotics are actually carbohydrates of oligosaccharides, which are the "helper" of probiotics, which can help the probiotics to enhance their activity and reproduction ability and enable them to play a better role. Probiotics can be obtained from foods such as dietary fiber, and they need to be supplemented only when the doctor instructs the baby to take probiotics.


Probiotic selection

How to choose probiotics in the market? "It is important to emphasize that the identification of probiotics should include the name of the strain, as the efficacy of probiotics depends more on which strain," the who said. So in choosing probiotics, it is necessary to learn how to look at the strains. The common strains that infants and children take are as follows:

Don't abuse probiotics! It's important to keep these points in mind when giving your baby probiotics

In probiotic preparations of choice, the best is the dry powder, because of stable, easy to take, some probiotics can make enteric-coated metformin hydrochloride, enteric-coated metformin hydrochloride acid can skip through the intestines, protect effectively the number of colonies to the gut, but this requires larger can swallow baby to take medication, in addition to liquid probiotic preparations of living bacterium is not stable, easy to inactivation.

There are several points to note when probiotics are administered effectively


1. Storage of probiotics

Probiotics are afraid of hot wet, so when taking probiotics to soak in the hot water or hot soup, easy to damage, probiotics and some production technology has been very progress, will be GanSaoHua probiotics to permanently preserve, so now some probiotics when don't have to be in the fridge, but should pay attention to don't put wet probiotics, or direct sunlight or high temperature place.

Take probiotics for a while

Hydrochloric acid in gastric juice or have an effect of probiotics, and when you have finished eating something, gastric acid secretion, so taking probiotics before best acid less, avoid acid affect the effect of probiotics, if there are taking other drugs, generally has no effect on probiotics, but if taking bactericidal antibiotics may influence the effect of probiotics, if there are antibiotics, probiotics to two hours after taking apart.

3. Brewing the water temperature of probiotics

Brew probiotics powder water temperature does not recommend the use of hot water, warm water is the best, in no more than 40 ℃ warm water brewing, probiotics can ensure greater activity, and brewing good must give the baby to take in time, no drink and no need to keep, because after the water soluble activity of probiotics in reducing slowly, also not taking in time, the effect of probiotics will reduce.

Don't abuse probiotics! It's important to keep these points in mind when giving your baby probiotics


Are probiotics suitable for long-term use?

Probiotics are not suitable for long-term use. Probiotics help the intestinal tract to produce useful live bacteria. Most importantly, the baby's intestinal tract can produce these live bacteria by itself. Different types of bacteria have different effects, and they have different effects on individuals. The wrong way of use and the wrong choice of strains will not help the baby. If it is used as temporary adjunctive treatment for some diseases, such as acute diarrhea, colic, eczema, it should be taken according to the doctor's advice.

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