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Female Genital Flora Disorder Is The Root Cause Of Cervical Cancer
- Aug 24, 2018 -

Why, the rate that the woman of palace neck debaucjed compares common woman to get cervical cancer is 10 times more than?

Cervical cancer is caused by an HPV malignancy, so HPV must be colonized to the cervix to be able to cause cervical cancer.

Women in the condition of natural health, reproductive tract colonization default headed by beneficial lactobacillus growing a lot of beneficial bacteria, they form a beneficial bacteria in the vagina and cervix mucosal membrane effective natural defense against a variety of harmful microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, chlamydia, mycoplasma, virus, trichomoniasis, etc.) of the infection. So, in women's natural health, the HPV virus has no chance of reaching the cervix at all, let alone colonizing the cervix. In the case of cervical erosion, the HPV virus has basically already been implanted in the cervical region, only waiting for the opportunity to attack!

Because the incubation period of HPV virus is 5-10 years, it is very weak virus, so the rate of cervical erosion is more than 10 times higher than that of ordinary women with cervical cancer! Otherwise far from just this number!

Why to say, the outbreak of cervical cancer is the inevitable result of the age of antibiotics!

Whether it is for external use, oral or intravenous antibiotics, antibiotics in zhongfu set and systemic blood flow, when to the female genital tract can infiltrate the leucorrhea, and permeate the leucorrhea leucorrhea and reproductive tract antibiotics will kill all bacteria and harmful bacteria, more seriously, the vaginal opening near urethral mouth and anus pathogenic bacteria much more special, when antibiotics lose effectiveness, will be poured into the vaginal cavity, uterine cavity, direct ovarian, wreaking havoc!

The vagina has zero immunity in the absence of beneficial bacteria. When the germicidal ingredients lose their efficacy, the HPV virus at the vaginal mouth can easily flood into the vagina and go directly to the cervical area for colonization. After that, the HPV virus determines when it causes cervical cancer.

Therefore, the outbreak of cervical cancer is the inevitable result of the age of antibiotics!

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