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Female Self Test: Are Your Ovaries Healthy
- Jul 15, 2018 -

Ovarian health is very important for women. She is the secret weapon to keep women young and healthy. Does dear friends's skin appear to be getting worse recently? Do you often have irregular menstruation? Are you emotionally unstable? Is sleep quality also beginning to decline, appear even insomnia? Is the fun of sharing a room much less than before?

Then you have to be careful. Your secret garden is on alert. Do you know the health of your ovaries? Please choose according to your actual situation, answer the following questions of ovarian health self-test, and test whether your ovaries are healthy now.

1. Irregular menstruation (basic score: 4 points):

Often, little or much (1 point); Shortening or extending the menstrual period (2 points); Amenorrhea (3 points)

2. Insomnia (basic score: 2):

Occasionally (1 point); Often, sleeping pills are effective (2 points); Impact on work and life (3 points)

3. Excitable (basic score: 2 points):

Occasionally (1 point); Often, restrained (2 points); Frequently, uncontrollable (3 points)

4. Sensory disorder (basic score: 2):

Weather related (1 point); Usually cold, hot, painful and numb (2 points); Cold and heat loss (3 points)

5. Skin changes (basic score: 2)

Lose luster, dry skin (1 point); Spots, wrinkles (2 points); Dry skin, chloasma (3 points)

6. Depression and suspicion (score 1):

Occasionally (1 point); Often, can control (2 points); Losing faith in life (3 points)

7. Vertigo (basic score: 1):

Occasionally (1 point); Often, does not affect the life (2 points); Impact on daily life (3 points)

8. Fatigue (1 basic score):

Occasionally (1 point); Difficulty in getting to the fourth floor or above (2 points); Limited daily activities (3 points)

9. Osteoarthrodynia (basic score: 1):

Occasionally (1 point); Often, it does not affect the function (2 points); Functional disorder (3 points)

10. Headache (score 1):

Occasionally (1 point); Often, can stand (2 points); Need treatment (3 points)

11. Palpitations (basic score: 1):

Occasionally (1 point); Often, does not affect the life (2 points); To treat (3 points)

12. Skin ant walking sensation (basic score: 1):

Occasionally (1 point); Often, can stand (2 points); Need treatment (3 points)

13. Urinary tract infection (basic score: 2):

Less than 3 times/year (1 point); More than 3 times/year (2 points); Greater than 1 time/month (3 points)

14. Sexual status (basic score: 2):

Decreased libido (1 point); Pain in the same room (2 points); Loss of libido (3 points)

15. Hot and humid sweating (basic score: 4):

Less than 3 times/day (1 minute); 3-9 times/day (2 minutes); Greater than 10 times/day (3 points)

Statement of appraisal results

Choose the appropriate option according to your own situation. If there is no relative physical condition, you can view the score as 0. The scoring method is to get the total score by taking the product of the basic score and the degree score.

For example, if you have irregular periods, frequent insomnia, and decreased libido, your ovarian function score is :4 x 1+2 x 2+2 x 1=10.

Analysis of score results:

1) a score higher than 8 indicates that your ovaries are slightly less functional and you should pay attention to your life status.

2) a score higher than 19 indicates that ovarian function is declining seriously and that ovarian maintenance should be carried out appropriately.

3) a score above 31 indicates that the symptoms of ovarian dysfunction are very severe.

Protect good ovary, must accomplish 4 things

Get enough sleep. Only sufficient sleep can keep the physiology function of the female normal, do not affect the normal function of the ovary thereby. Therefore, for the sake of ovarian health, in the daily life of women should develop a good habit of early sleep and early rise. In addition, make it a habit to take naps during the day, which will help you get enough sleep. Proper naps not only ensure sleep time, but also effectively delay the onset of ovarian aging.

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