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Five Gold Standards For Women's Private Health
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Women's private parts are highly susceptible to infection and thus are in a sub-healthy or unhealthy state. Many women, for the sake of face, may not choose treatment when they find that their private parts have mild health risks. So what are the criteria for women's private health? Now, let's take a look.

Appearance: under normal circumstances, the vagina and vulva will often have a small amount of secretion to maintain a moderate moisture, this is the white belt. The normal white band is mostly transparent in color, like egg white, clean and appropriate. If vaginal secretion and turn it into a thin foam, pruritus vulvae, beware trichomonas vaginitis, if the leucorrhea assumes the jerry-built, pain and urinary pain even couple, we should pay attention to vaginal yeast infection.

Experts warn that women should never forget to protect themselves during sweet times. Using condoms is responsible for each other's love. In the swimming pool, bath center, public toilets and other places to pay attention to protection, to avoid unintentional infection of the upper body.

Smell: even the leucorrhea secretion in the menstrual cycle is relatively more days, the changing process of secretions from thin to thick, healthy vaginal still fresh, still never taste disgusting or embarrassing. Note the possibility of uterine fibroids if a woman's menstrual cycle changes, there is frequent urinary retention, and there is increased leucorrhea.

The expert reminds, the incidence of uterine myoma of the female of 30 years old above reached 20%, had better undertake gynecological examination at least every year so; Do not abuse hormone drugs and hormone-containing foods, too high estrogen levels will cause uterine fibroids to thrive.

Three, humidity: by estrogen and progesterone together affect the health of the vagina in passionate sexual excitement moment can produce "love fluid", those with lubrication fluid is mainly from the cervix and vestibular big gland secretions and vaginal wall congestion exudate, can keep a harmonious sex vaginal moisture, playing an important role.

The expert reminds, too clean, tension and fatigue and many other factors could lead to vaginal dryness and dryness of the vagina not only make oneself uncomfortable, feel hot during sex, even cause sexual intercourse pain, will also affect his sexual pleasure at the same time.

Four, firmness: vaginal wall is composed of mucosa, muscularis and fiber layer, about 7 to 9 cm long, adhesion around many muscles and ligaments, keep it a certain Angle and appropriate tension, on the inner wall of the vagina mucosa plica added its compactness.

Sit upright in your chair, experts warn. Do recalcitrant and rectal exercises rhythmically. Can exercise pelvic muscle from inside, enhance muscle strength; Enhance nutrition and energy. Puerperal mattress convalescence cannot reduce weight blindly, in order to prevent the vaginal wall to become thin, weak; Doing a good job of contraception, multiple births, repeated miscarriages and induced labor will only aggravate the damage to the vagina and uterus, making the vagina more relaxed.

Uterine cavity comfortable, smooth, five, finish: uterine cavity with mucous membrane cover, the endometrium, it is soft and smooth, deeply ovarian hormone's role and influence, its surface 2/3 part of function layer, can produce menstruation periodic, the remaining one-third not cyclical change, called the base layer.

If the bumpy polyps can be found in the path of the cervix must be careful, because these polyps is often from the inside out of growth, with long and thin, is attached on the inner wall of the uterus, neoplasm, it contains many kinds of possibility, such as simple endometrial polyps.

Experts warn that the disease is most likely to occur after puberty, especially in women over the age of 35, because estrogen is active. When discover menstruation is overmuch or period has irregular prolongation phenomenon to want to check in the hospital in time, lest mussel diagnosis and treatment; Under hysteroscopy, polyps can be removed by laser therapy. Don't forget to send the specimen for pathological examination.

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