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Four Types Of People Are Most Susceptible To Intestinal Aging And Supplementing With Probiotics Is Important
- Jul 09, 2018 -

Intestinal function is not good, "toxin" can stay in the body for too long and be absorbed again, leading to the body early aging. The body is constantly alert: weight gain, belly fat, dark and rough skin. At this point, many merchants will recommend you to detoxify, but, detoxification can only be done through the assistance of others or drugs?

Four types of food are most suitable for intestinal detoxification

, experts say, for the people, really don't need to think of detoxification is too complicated, no drugs, also do not need with the aid of medical personnel and medical devices, they can use every day to eat food to solve the problem. He also introduced several common and effective food cleaning methods. If drink fresh fruit juice, fresh vegetable juice, this is natural human body "cleaner", after they enter human body digestive system, can make the blood show alkaline, conduce to a few toxin dissolves out body. Grapes, apples, carrots, strawberries and so on can achieve this effect.

Secondly, the gelatin in kelp and kelp can promote the release of radioactive substances from the body along with urine and urine, which has a good anti-cancer effect.

Moreover, often drink green bean soup, mung bean can detoxify, can clear heat detoxify dispel fire. Again can often drink pig blood soup, not only can detoxify but also can hairdressing, black fungus and fungus plants are also very good.

It is important to supplement probiotics with intestinal aging in external eaters

Study, four kinds of people most likely to intestinal aging, including food and carnivores, late Terran, stress, and people seldom drink water, it is often associated with their eating habits, the fewer intestinal beneficial bacteria, easy to cause intestinal ecosystem deterioration, health problems and skin aging but will be home early.

In addition to developing good lifestyle habits, it is also important to supplement your diet with probiotics, experts say. Probiotics are actually beneficial bacteria to the human gut, including lactobacillus, bifidobacteria, yeast, and so on. Ensure a key factor of intestinal health, is to maintain the balance of intestinal flora, namely in the gut bacteria to always stay at a high level, and have been all kinds of harmful bacteria growth and reproduction.

Daily massages help with bowel health

You can also do some daily intestinal massage for health care. Method is simple, night before sleeping, find the wind to clean around the belly button, with the hand massage abdomen, in a clockwise direction to counterclockwise massage, do a few times a day, until abdominal heat. Experts say this method is used by many gastroenterologists and is not a local method. Most functional diseases, such as dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome, and functional diarrhea will be effective.

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