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Gynecological Health Hazards Of Different Ages
- Jul 15, 2018 -

The results showed that in women over the age of 20 to 40 physical examination, most prominent problem of department of gynaecology, primary diseases are for hyperplasia of mammary glands, about 55%, followed by cervicitis, cervical erosion, uterine fibroids, etc., the proportion between 20% - 23%; In women over the age of 20 to 40 physical examination, most prominent problem of department of gynaecology, primary diseases are for hyperplasia of mammary glands, about 55%, followed by cervicitis, cervical erosion, such as uterine fibroids, proportion between 20% and 23%.

Most diseases are closely related to lifestyle, and early adjustment of lifestyle is essential to prevent disease.

Young girls in their twenties now suffer from breast hyperplasia and the most prominent health problems of the cervix. Li xiuchi said that many girls in their early twenties have obvious mammary gland hyperplasia, some bilateral hyperplasia is very serious. As for cervical problems, is more common in young women, because of the cervix and no nerve, so in early cervicitis, many women are unaware, that cause cervical erosion and cervical cancer. 20 years old health hidden danger: mammary gland hyperplasia, cervicitis

Inducement: fast pace of life, high intensity of work, so that the body endocrine appears disorder; Emotional tension and depression; The diet with fast food, high calorie Fried food is given priority to, these are the reason that causes mammary gland hyperplasia.

Additional, happening sexual relations too early, to endocrine also can have an effect, add prevent measure not in place again, carry on stream of people after conception, medicaments flow can affect mammary gland more. In fact, this is also the cause of cervical problems, some young people do not pay attention to hygiene or sexual partners are not fixed, will cause cervical inflammation.

Adjustment: in addition to pay attention to the combination of work and leisure in the work, to maintain a comfortable mood, diet should be more light, less Fried food and nutrition. Daily life should pay attention to personal hygiene, frequently changing underwear, after washing to be exposed to the sun sterilization. For women who have a sexual life, besides paying attention to the hygiene of sexual life, it is better to have a gynecological examination including TCT once a year.

Health risks at 30: breast cancer, uterine fibroids

A 30-year-old woman, maybe you look healthy. But all the functions of the body linger between maturity and old age. In the process, don't ignore the "glitches" that warn you. For example, persistent breast hyperplasia, soreness in the back of the shoulder, skin spots and uterine fibroids. And during this period, women also began to suffer from a variety of gynecopathy, usually characterized by local anomalies, such as abnormal changes in menstruation, leucorrhea, lumbar di ministry pain belly, irregular vaginal bleeding, etc.

Inducement: after 30 years old female body estrogen can be in high level period, more easy cause all sorts of mammary gland disease. If you have mammary gland hyperplasia in your 20s, be alert if the hyperplasia changes further, 30 is the age at which breast cancer is more common.

There are also data showing that 20 percent of women over the age of 35 have fibroids in the womb, which are marked abnormal menstruation, excessive or too little menstrual volume, peculiar odor or color abnormalities in secretions. When a woman reaches the age of 30, she begins to enter the high incidence of uterine fibroids. Although it is not malignant, it can affect pregnancy and pregnancy, and even cause infertility.

Adjustment: women in their 30 s can take some oral liquid, regulating endocrine hormone level and also for just the right amount of exercise, getting enough protein, calcium and trace elements, of course, the most important thing is having a regular life habit. In addition, breast self - examination is very important, should be in the 9th - 11th day after menstruation incoming tide, when bathing undertakes the easiest discovery problem. Check once a month, if bilateral breast asymmetry is found, breast has lump or hard knot, skin has edema, dent, want to check immediately. In addition, the physical examination of this age group must be carried out every year.

Health hazards at age 40: endocrine disorders, high cholesterol

After entering the age of 40, women not only have a significant decline in physical function and physical quality, but also face the problem of menopause. This age of women with ovarian function decline, estrogen and progesterone secretion will reduce gradually and even disappear, this period will appear edema, chest heaving, chest pain, etc. High cholesterol is another significant sign for women of this age, and in addition to threatening the heart, it can also cause osteoporosis.

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