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Gynecological Problems Have Been Identified Which Symptoms You Will Have
- Jul 10, 2018 -

Due to the physiological structure of women, the surrounding bacteria are very active and microbes are easy to enter, leading to various gynecological diseases. Generally can cause of disease of department of gynaecology, common postpartum or infection after the surgery, obstetrics and gynecology placed intrauterine device, sexual impurity and poor personal hygiene, etc., these easy to cause inflammation of department of gynaecology. If you have the following signs, be sure to notice that you have gynecological inflammation.

Pain in the lower abdomen

A lot of disease can cause abdominal pain, especially under a lot of disease of department of gynaecology can cause abdominal symptoms, such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cyst, etc., will be the next abdomen side found bag piece, accompanied by lower abdominal persistent pain or paroxysmal colic. However, if only lower abdominal pain or paroxysmal pain, usually adnexitis, pelvic infection and other symptoms are predicted.

2. Abnormal white belt

Under normal circumstances, women with childbearing years have a small amount of thin transparent or milky white bands. If the leucorrhea suddenly turn yellow, rice water, wash water, purulent, foam sample, jerry-built, accompanied by odor, prompt reproductive organs have lesions occur, is the most common kinds of inflammation.

3. Vaginal itching

Normally pudendum, without any strange sense, if you have any itching feeling vulva, symptoms, it often prompts pudendum inflammation exists, because generally suffer from mould sex phlogistic, bacterial prostatitis, trichomonas sex phlogistic.

Four, pain,

Normal women do not feel pain, but when there is an inflammatory infection, and the skin of the vulva is damaged, when the stimulation will feel pain. If this happens, most of them suggest suffering from a variety of inflammation, pelvic inflammation, endometritis, and so on, to seek timely medical treatment, so as not to delay the disease.

Irregular bleeding

Under normal circumstances, there will be no bleeding or blood secretion except during the menstrual period. If there is irregular blood secretion or bleeding, it will often indicate lesions in the uterus. But in general or have bloody secretion, bleeding, often prompt endometrium, cervical inflammation changes, such as cervical inflammation, cervical erosion, endometritis.

Six, menstruation produces change

The menstrual cycle of women in the reproductive period is basically regular, and a few people have a special menstrual cycle. General gynecological inflammation will not affect menstrual changes, but there are a few endometrial lesions, will lead to menstrual changes. Such as severe endometrial inflammation.

Seven, backache

Diseases cause back pain very much, people often ignore the disease of department of gynaecology, in fact, there is also a backache, the disease of department of gynaecology minority general symptoms below the waist of gynecopathy self-test discomfort or pain, limited activity, often accompanied by lower abdominal pain. Often suggest more serious adnexitis, pelvic inflammation and so on.

Gynecological inflammation is generally chronic inflammation, less symptoms occur. But when some gynecology department inflammation is acute attack, also can accompany a symptom to occur, wait for acute inflammation symptom such as febrile, acerbity soft asthenia, appetite drops. This is often accompanied by severe abdominal pain, vulva swelling pain, leucorrhea abnormalities and other symptoms.

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