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Happy Pakistan Independence Day Of Huimeiren’s Customers
- Aug 14, 2018 -


Tech giant Google has marked Pakistan’s 72nd Independence Day with a doodle featuring the national flag. The doodle has been rendered in national colours on account of the occasion.

“At midnight on August 14, 1947, Pakistan became a self-ruling nation, becoming independent from India and Great Britain. The historic event is celebrated on this day through religious ceremonies, parades and official government functions. In Islamabad, traditional commemorations begin at dawn with the flag raised over the President’s house as well as Parliament,” the company said in a statement accompanying the release of the doodle.

Google celebrates life of Muslim thinker Ibn Sina with doodle

The name Pakistan is said to derive from the Urdu word Paak meaning “pure” and stan meaning “land” or “place”. With so many diverse cultures in one nation, everyone marks Pakistan Independence in their own special way.”


2016 Independence Day google doodle. SOURCE:GOOGLE

In 2016, the doodle commemorating independence represented ruins from Mohenjodaro. These included the Priest-King, a bullock cart and the bronze Dancing Girl.


2015 doodle featured the Lahore Fort. PHOTO:GOOGLE

The 2015 doodle incorporated an image of Lahore Fort, a UNESCO world heritage site. Robinson Wood illustrated the fort’s Alamgiri Gate.

Google doodles are alterations of the tech giant’s logo marking special days, events and anniversaries. The current Independence Day doodle only appears to users in Pakistan, according to its website. Google has created such images for birth anniversaries of celebrated Pakistani singers such as Mehdi Hassan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Nazia Hassan. Another was iconic humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi’s birthday.

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